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Only in America, lost in translation.

Bassman 7 Apr 16
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I wonder if they serve Dixon Cider?

Ginagm71 Level 5 Apr 16, 2018

Once I had a soar finger. I soaked it in cider.


& I'm wondering about that "Original Minnow Shot"???

phxbillcee Level 9 Apr 16, 2018

Clicked on @RavenCT's link below, they drink live minnows! The worm in Mescal is one thing, the sucker's long pickled, but drinking a live animal & "getting the kids involved, too"! Yep, only in America,...or, Japan!

@phxbillcee They sell T-shirts too. There's a tie-dye on my wish list! lol

@RavenCT I'll stick w/my atheist, science-nerd jokes, LOTR & Rock, thanks!


That's awesome!

Livinlife Level 9 Apr 16, 2018

They sell T-shirts - I want the tie dye one so badly!

@Bassman lol. A girl can dream

@Bassman no, not at all, lol


Must have been too big to go all the way Inn

Rudy1962 Level 9 Apr 16, 2018

Sweet Raptor Jesus - it exists!


RavenCT Level 9 Apr 16, 2018


@Captnron59 You asked....

@Captnron59 Eating xtians!

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