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Some puns for your edification & amusement...

phxbillcee 9 Apr 17
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Love 'em!


lol... that last one.. omg..

Almost looks like a "Far Side" doesn't it?

@phxbillcee ya, it does.. that's what I thought there for a sec.

@mistymoon77 I did too.


Whale farts - why am I thinking of Whale farts?

RavenCT Level 9 Apr 17, 2018

lol.. good question, why are you?

@mistymoon77 There was a meme about whale farts being big enough to hold a horse....

I did a post on a whale sneeze a day or 2 ago!

Plus, there was something 'floating around' about a whale fart bubble being big enough to hold a horse, if that helps, tho I can't imagine how it would!

@RavenCT christ on a stick.. why would anyone even do that and how is a bigger question.

When a whale farts or passes gas underwater the sound is believed to be suppressed by the surrounding water making it silent or at least quite compared to the gas that is expelled from land based animals.

In some cases bubbles or clouds can be seen rising to the surface of the water when a whale passes gas.

Those most likely to experience whales farting are likely to be researchers involved in following whales and researching their dung or gathering information about their gestation period, habitat, social structure and other important factors.


@RavenCT Thanks there Raven, I got my whale education for the day..