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Love sharing this one when the Christians start preaching

bookofmorons 8 June 30
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Why all the testing anyway? All bs.


I get so tired of people telling me that by being an atheist I am "worshiping Satan" and when I tell them that to worship something you have to first believe in it they try telling me that "I just don't realize I am worshiping Satan..." They are unaware just how stupid they sound saying it too...


That doesn't sound like there is any doubt there.

Well, I can't honestly say I'm 100% certain of anything. I have degrees of confidence on various things in this world. That being said, doubt is as good a word as any for my feelings towards various topics/issues...the supernatural (gods, spirits, spells), life after death, "alternative" health methods & other woo, the honesty of Repugnantans, etc.
I'm fairly certain that none of the "gods" I've heard of exist in the ways described, but I can't be 100% certain that there isn't some kind Pantheistic type 'deity', a la Spinoza or Einstein, or a Deistic type "creator". Seems, again to use the term, doubtful, but as there is no evidence for these things, really, I also have insufficient evidence against to be "sure".
So, I will live my life curious but untroubled about it & behave as if what I see is what I get. It's worked so far!

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