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Hard life...

Captnron59 9 Apr 24
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But, since I enjoy that, it's all good!

phxbillcee Level 9 Apr 24, 2018

When they say... oh you are so honest but you are too honest. What too honest for your dumb ass? Heard that a time or two.

Me & you both. Too honest & too kind lmfao.

@Nickbeee I do try to put a filter on when it comes to certain things but dammit, some people just ask for it. My ex bf got so buttbummed when I would speak my mind, then tell me that's why he fell for me.. talk about mixed messages.

@mistymoon77 Oh my days that is a bit confusing of him !!! Barking ...

I do try to soften things! I just don't comment if I think it's too much for someone and they genuinely aren't ready..

If something needs saying though and it has the potential to be harmful through misinformation or whatever I don't care who I am around it's coming out lol !!!

Long time dead 😉

Most people seem to talk about 'regretting the things they didn't say' or they didn't do.

Sometimes it can be painful. lol 🙂

@Nickbeee dammed if you do or don't. Some people are just never satisfied.

@mistymoon77 Spot on to be fair !!!!


Me too! Once you start it just gets exponential lol

Nickbeee Level 8 Apr 24, 2018