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It really would

Livinlife 9 Apr 26
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I kinda like this one too !!!

Nickbeee Level 8 Apr 26, 2018

I'll bet! Lol

Ooo, I love it too❣

Hahaha !!! @Livinlife 😮

You know I am a Nun!!!!

@Nickbeee ? lol

@Livinlife Is the face you do at nuns lol ??.. and they already have to deal with penguins thinking they are giants!!!

@Nickbeee lol. I kind of get creeped out!

@Livinlife Last time I saw some I had been up all night on one! was about 15 yrs back when was naughty still .. It was Sunday morning and accidentally walked too near a church and was confronted by friendly Nuns.. I started spitting "fucks" like a fucking fuck cannon .. and every time I felt bad so then I word try another word but all I could do was fucks shits jesus fucking jesus fuck .. I just walked off .. they were super nice lol .. I haven't really dealt with nuns since ! They aren't real !!

@Nickbeee lmao! You could have told them it was nun of their business!

@Livinlife Oh imagine !! I need to write that down in a book of insults and puns for nuns !


Ah, but silly or not, that didn't stop you from posting it, now did it @Livinlife???LOL

phxbillcee Level 9 Apr 26, 2018

Silly should be my middle name LOL

@Livinlife Livinsillylife...there you go!

@phxbillcee lol


Just like the real thing it appears to be a puzzle too...

Boobies are very straightforward compared to other erogenous zones!

Tough tittie

@Emme Some are, takes ages to chew through...oh, that's not quite what you meant, was it? Ooops!

Thanks for so many hearty belly laughs❣


Brilliant in every way!

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