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My vagina is on drugs ...

Nickbeee 8 May 1
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Yeah but think about the direct treatment through mucus membranes? It has merit.... where can I get some? lol

RavenCT Level 9 May 1, 2018

Get some.... what? 😉

I know people who used to shove MDMA up their bums or vaginally ! same as a gum rub.. Arguably fastest way into the system and safest. It doesn't get to wreck your liver kidneys or digestive tracts!!

@Johnsalterego Opium sounds dandy! It's been that kind of day! lol


I'm still trying to assimilate that you have one...

Dude!! Don't make me get my vagina out!

@Nickbeee don't worry, no show and tell in class today...

@Johnsalterego Hahaha!! That fuck for that I need a wax!

(vomit) lol


Goodness. Serious about pms were they?

"PM WHAT ?? In fact who are you and what is this place? Why is that Heron reading War & Peace on the ceiling and who gave that alien a milkshake!!!".