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Give me some face..

Captnron59 9 May 9
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I have had worse
I have daddy issues
Next one is free
Fat men are sexy
I won't kill you
I like to fish
I am an atheist
I hate to shop
Do what you want
Let's not live together

Rudy1962 Level 9 May 9, 2018

It's not that small! LOL! I just love anal! I'd rather suck dick! & how many eggs? Oh, I have money! I am so wet! You just lie back! I just love beer! I have this friend....! Got this from Columbia! My Dad's a Rockefeller! My Dad's Bill Gates! I am an Atheist! & best for last...I just loathe tRump!


Oh I got a bunch...

I'm pregnant, its yours
You smell like ass
The barn door is open
The cops are coming
I see dead people
My meds wore off
Let go let god
5 dolla suckie suckie
The warts are gone
Let's have some fun
Quick, hide the bodies

Some of those aren't what I want whispering in my ear!! The fi dalla one is funny!! And I'm not the Daddy!! Had that fixed many moons ago.

@Captnron59 Gotta agree here, most of those I sure don't want to hear!

You're killin me!


Want breakfast in bed?

Yeah, I'm old...

Well, I had, I want some food.

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