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Clearly a double standard....

EricTrommater 9 May 11
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We must join the KINKY group here. Love men who embrace their feminine side.

Mooolah Level 8 May 11, 2018

Whatever m'lady wishes!

That'd be nice! That's very attractive. ?☺

@Emme I know who I am, am too old to feel shame & enjoy pleasing women. Will admit, I'm not a big pain fan, but if I can fulfill a fantasy so easily, I'm 'up' for it!

So, there's a kinky group here? I might check it out.?

@Emme Yes, there is!

Is it simply call KINKY group?

@Emme No, it's "Pets & Wildlife".....LOL, actually "Kinky Lifestyle"!


Couldn't happen here. Str8 COMMANNDO, baby❣But i also love skirts & dresses, so be my guest, you can wear those if you can fit em.?

Emme Level 7 May 11, 2018

Skirts & commando? Interesting, & always prepared!

Fast food or drive thru???

@Emme I try not to be fast unless the situation warrants it!

Eat on the go?

@Emme Well, I won't be doing the eating if I'm driving!


@Emme When I dive I'm fairly single-minded! When I drive, it's better if I can see where I'm going!

You're so funny❣?


Pics or GTFO

Markus Level 7 May 11, 2018

I hear it's a comfort thing.

Insectra Level 8 May 11, 2018

It IS.☺


Were They "Frilly" Ones?

Coldo Level 8 May 11, 2018

Knowing Eric they were the 'crotchless'!!!

Yup. Did you can hang those from both ears and still eat & drink freely? The downside, they can't be used as a dust mask.?

LOL Those too!?


I think it's more like 'overstepped her boundaries'. He seems fine with it. To each their own.

Squirrel Level 7 May 11, 2018

You can wear my panties @erictrommater


@EricTrommater and i won't even judge you 😉

@ashortbeauty Ok, I won't even put that to the sniff test!

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