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It's time to start showing the victims on TV and in other media. I have seen what these weapons do to a human, there is no legitimate reason for a civilian to own one.

glennlab 10 Jan 27
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How about the right of self defense from people who wish us harm, whether they be foreign or domestic?

Tejas Level 8 Feb 3, 2023

If you need an assault rifle for self defense either you are a terrible shot or a sadist. I prefer a shotgun with buckshot.

@glennlab a shotgun has its limitations. I'd like to be as armed as a potential threat.

@Tejas If you need more than that, you're going to have a hard time proving self defense. What type of limitations? If you have to return fire more than 50 yards, most likely you have time to get the cops involved.

@glennlab I mean if you use the "woke" definition of assault weapon then most pistols and even many shotguns can be considered "assault weapons". so what EXACTLY are you advocating against?

@Tejas Now you are just babbling bullshit, you know what assault weapons are .

Just in case you need the official definition and not your local yocal deinition []

@glennlab no I for one know what I'm talking about. Fudds like you want to make rules laws and definitions based on your limited knowledge from 50 years ago. Some modern shotguns can be considered assault weapons, because they can have high capacity be semi automatic and look like a scary ar15 rifle. So pardon me when I ask you to be specific on what you want to regulate. And most people don't own automatic rifles in America not even 1% of gun owners own an automatic weapon.

@Tejas I don't need a jacked up gun to make me feel like a man, sorry if you do.

@glennlab nice deflection, maybe a bit of projection too. You apparently also don't care about being right or truth either. Not many MAN qualities huh

@Tejas You had gotten so far off topic and had never answered the question of why you would need some big ass weapon, I had to assume . Guys like you would not have lasted 30 minutes in Vietnam.

@glennlab guys like me have the brains not to go fight in a foreign land against people that haven't done anything to me so your right, I'm smarter than you too. Big ass rifle? My 12 gage is bigger and heavier than most rifles in my home.

@Tejas Wow, what a patriot little Okie you are. No body is coming for you unless they are coming to raid your meth lab.

@glennlab they might stop by your house first and collect all those fat boy sweets you hide from the grand kids.

@Tejas You still refuse to answer the questions proposed and keep veering off into the ether. Whay do you NEED an assault rifle? This is first and foremost a group on gun control not a why I need more guns group.

@glennlab I answered your question in my first reply to you. The owner of this group abandoned the site a long time ago, so now it's users choice on what they want to discuss.


Talking about it won't fix it. It'll take "woke" legislative folk...and right now being "woke" (aware of social inequality) has a bad flavor for most of them.

So it's going to be a while.

When the gun owners realize that their families are in the much higher risk group for deaths...then we might see some change.

But we agnostics respect the science much more than they do...

Robecology Level 9 Jan 28, 2023

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