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Sam Bee after Orlando,...Still relevant because...NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!!

phxbillcee 9 Feb 23
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I have seen and highly recommend that more look at the gun magazines put out by the NRA. One can see, first hand how totally insane these people and the insanity creep that is happening because of these people. IE. did you know there are 3 precious metals: Gold, Silver and Lead? or the latest high powered assault weapon is called "Saint". It is a wonder that thinking adults actually read this sort of total crap!!

JackPedigo Level 9 Feb 23, 2018

Thinking is the key word here!


America is as america does. biz as usual. fake, fake, fake outrage.

There is nothing fake about the outrage of parents that have lost their children to gun violence and those who would like to stop the slaughter caused by lack of sensible gun legislation.

@TerriCity I refer to the outage of the politician. Is not as if this is the first time a student is murdered in a school right? politicians are doing biz as usual, lets investigate and report, they need more data. Biz as usual. last year, last decade, last century.

On the part of politicians, I grant you. I think Sam is genuinely horrified. Remember, she's from Canada, they're not nearly as gun-crazy as we are.

Only a good portion of americans do not see correlation between guns and murder. The concept is too abstract to understand. Too small to make sense in such a large USA.