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House Democrats take first step toward tighter gun laws

chalupacabre 8 Feb 7
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So we finally have one part opening the door to some basic sense. The other house (senate), hopefully, will get a backlash for their inability to join the 21st century (which might mean lost seats).

Yes "The U.S. Constitution protects the right of Americans to bear arms." but it *" a well regulated militia" and even the Supreme court agreed those rights can be regulated. Why do we never hear about the first part of the sentence in the 2nd amendment? Just like the religious, people don't want to hear anything that may call into question their crazy beliefs.

Indeed. For 200 years or so, the courts consistently interpreted the second amendment as a collective militia right, not any sort of guaranteed individual right. During the George w. Bush era enough conservative judges were appointed to tip the balance toward a personal, individual right. The former interpretation, IMO, is the correct one.


Long overdue.


Good first step...


It's about time we had a hearing about guns and the horror they cause.

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