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For the Originalists out there, the Second Amendment was about protecting slavery. Nothing else.

Dick_Martin 7 Feb 24
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As much as I love my country it is imperative that we know its history, its sins as well as its accomplishments, for only in doing so can we achieve here what many of us have really meant by "The American Dream".

phxbillcee Level 9 Feb 24, 2018

But weren't there black fighting units during the civil war? I missed something what pray tell is their first worst fear?

SamL Level 7 Feb 24, 2018

"They goin' after de white wimmen!"

Wasn't meant to be disrespectful to blacks, just the opposite!

Well, that's actually happened with different cultural groups as well.


Our "fumbling fathers". That is a good way to put it... We can go further into why the military didn't have all black fighting units on WW2 when there was no integration of units. The black units in the army were for service and supply, were no combatants working behind combat zone in support. We all know of the Tuskegee airmen and they were the exception, to be honest, because the life expectancy of a fighter pilot was a lot less than a bomber crewman. Oh the fear of an armed black man. the south's nightmare.

Second worst fear. First worse fear is ...hmmm.... never mind.

@Dick_Martin Yep.

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