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balou 8 Apr 9
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Just watched the cnn interview, the kids are spewing bullshit that was fed to them. Nugent never said the students were pathetic and/or soulless.. Once again, the left wing, fake news media have taken what he said out of context, and totally turned it around to be something completely different so that they can say he's being mean to kids... it's sad you ignorant folks out there just eat it up and believe what they say.. This is the verbatim quote of what he said; ''The dumbing down of America has manifested in the culture deprivation of our academia that has taught these kids the lies. l really feel sorry for them because it's not only ignorant and dangerously stupid, it's soulless.'' Hes calling the way the schools feed the kids the lies and misinformation ''dangerously stupid'' and soulless,, not the kids... Go listen to it for yourselves..


Right on seeker, its not the time to stop, I hate to qoute musaleany, but he said once you get started,DONT STOP!

busterboy Level 5 Apr 10, 2018

What he said was reasonable. Just because your friends were killed doesn't mean you can go around accusing people you don't know of being pro-murder or anti-children.

These teenagers have gone through a horrible incident, they need counseling, not a seat on the council (so to speak).

They need time to heal and collect their thoughts before they speak about an issue which is not black or white. Guns are used thousands of times a year to save lives, not by taking them but by being present and used in a safe and legal manner.

Lancer Level 7 Apr 10, 2018

What these children, young and old children which includes up till the legal age of 18, at least by law, which I think is still too young to be considered fully mature. personally I think what they are doing is a sence of consoling and counseling, it saying what's on their mind! And there is no better to know what one thinks then to hear what one says! And they are certainly doing that! Right on kids put your hart in it cause that's what it takes to change anything in this world!

But these kids are just throwing out false accusations, misinformation and propaganda. That's why people keep saying that these kids shouldn't be taken seriously. People make jokes about them reading scripts which is fair enough, they are not checking their sources, they're saying things which make no sense.

I'm not saying they shouldn't speak. I just want them to do far more research than they have done. Because if I were to go on TV I would say I might not be accurate in everything I say, but these kids are listened to as though they were experts. it's insane.


Psychological projection is rampant in the right wing these days. That's why they are such gigantic hypocrites.

TerriCity Level 7 Apr 9, 2018

I wonder how much trumps people paid him to get involved?

busterboy Level 5 Apr 9, 2018

He's been a psycho for years now.


Methinks he is projecting


Here is one I shared on a few of my Twitter accounts. I’m the voting page and the octopus one. I don’t live far from Parkland and I have 3 teenage kids, Too close for comfort ...but then anyplace on earth is too close for comfort!

I agree with you & love the response!


He promised he would leave the country if Obama was reelected. We're still waiting! ✈🥳😀

wowspring Level 6 Apr 9, 2018

F**k him! The piece of shit! Haven't liked his music since the Amboy Dukes, & haven't liked him for just about as long! He has no credibility except to FauxNews watchers!

I agree the only ones listening to him are already armed to the hilt and looking for a fight, which should scare all of us. He has never been a relevant voice for anything, especially in the music world.


Shows The Lengths The Gun Freaks Will Go Too Justify Their Obsession.

Coldo Level 8 Apr 9, 2018

They are truly scared. The louder someone yells, the more you know you are poking them where it hurts, so now is NOT the time to let up.


Ted Nugent is a wart on a rat's ass! To think, I really liked his music at one time. No more!

balou Level 8 Apr 9, 2018

not sure I have ever heard him, but no mater I wouldn't want too now.

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