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I just saw Trump saying on facebook that because 1 retired old judge said it, all gun control people want to have the 2nd amendment repealed. We couldn't get the 2nd or any other amendment repealed if we wanted to, here's why.
First we would have to get a bill on the floor of both houses. A simple majority won't work, it has to be a 2/3 majority, or 2/3 of the states have to call for a Constitutional convention.
Then it has to be ratified by 3/4 of the states.
So basically we would need 66 senators, 287 congressmen, and a majority vote in 38 states.
I think you're safe.
Can we stop talking about repealing the 2nd amendment now?

MikeFlora 7 Apr 29
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And we don't WANT to ban ALL guns. I mean the vast majority of pro- control people are okay with responsible gun owners having a single shot bolt action rifle (for example) for hunting or target practice. It's only sensible restrictions we want.

There is no need to repeal the 2nd. It guarantees no right to individuals. And the Dept. of Justice could ban assault weapons tomorrow. It was the DoJ that banned fully automatic weapons in the 1920s (or so). No need for an act of Congress.

dare2dream Level 7 Apr 29, 2018

I’m not in favor of repealing the 2nd amendment. Keep it as is and then use other, more easily changeable legislation to ensure that permits and education are needed, ensure that people who own firearms understand the repercussions of using deadly force or having an accidental discharge, and close the gun show loophole.

As someone who has purchased firearms at gun shows, I’m still not opposed to closing the gun show loophole. It doesn’t take a half-wit to see that allowing anybody to just walk in and buy a firearm is probably a dangerous practice.

They are a tool, practical applications exist for the tool that don’t involve shooting people, but like any other tool that is dangerous (heavy machinery, commercial vehicles, airplanes, welders, etc) there should be some sort of qualification required because of the danger. Hunter’s safety card required for long guns purchased in all venues, concealed carry and self defense training for hand guns and assault rifles purchased in all venues.


sure they're safe, It's the rest of us being slaughtered in the streets. So in short, No, we cannot stop talking about repealing the 2nd nor should we ever stop talking about it. And if it cannot be repealed then introduce a new one narrowing and defining the parameters around the 2nd a little better.


It's too bad we've gotten to that point, having conversations about repealing amendments; but, even if that was to be a discussion somewhere down the line, we have much work to do simply to reduce the number of gun deaths in this country first. Focusing on the 2nd amendment at this time is premature. Hopefully one day we'll be civil enough to get to that question.

Condor5 Level 8 Apr 29, 2018

I own a gun and all I want is reasonable sensiable laws that are enforced.

Marine Level 8 Apr 29, 2018

There are already restrictions on gun ownership in America, not very many but some. This isn't about repealing the 2nd amendment but safe and reasonable restrictions on who can own a gun, what kinds of guns they can own and what are the responsibilities that go with owning a gun.
A person can legally own a gun before they can legally drink a beer, when did beer become more dangerous than guns?
Convicted felons are banned from owning guns for a decade and yet the Revolutionary Army had felons among their ranks bearing arms and fighting for the right to bear arms, technically speaking all members of the Revolutionary Army were traitors to the crown and therefore the worst of felons.
Should people be able to buy explosive rounds or armour piercing rounds?
There are already restrictions on guns and it isn't unconstitutional, let's get over that silly argument and enact gun laws that any sane person would want.

Surfpirate Level 9 Apr 29, 2018

That's how everything is now. Someone says something and everyone jumps to the negative extreme. I'm 55 years old and I'm telling you, every President since Reagan has been going to go door to door and force every American to give up their guns. And so far, none of them have. Be cause none of them where ever going to. This knee jerk, hysterical reaction is how drama queens try to stop any conversation that isn't going their way. you say gun control, they hear de-armed the public.

MrPKitty Level 5 Apr 29, 2018

ma'am you are exactly right.

1 kidding. The bigger picture is the fact that it is more about money than the 2nd amendment. There used to be a ban on assault weapons but that was repealed. Since then gun makers have been making money hand over fist. It’s all about money.

Seeker55 Level 8 Apr 29, 2018

Actually it wasn't repealed it expired, it had a 10 yr limit and the Republicans let it expire. Sadly you can say that about most everything these days. Our problem is the NRA feeding it's members shit like, regardless of what we say, the assault weapons ban is a ploy and what we really want to do is take everybody's guns, so don't believe anything we say, because we are plotting against everybody. Everybody likes a good conspiracy.

@MikeFlora You are correct, thanks for pointing out that it expired. I remembered that after reading your comment. Yes conspiracy and fear...powerful mind altering "drugs"...


Not all gun control people want it repealed. What the majority of them want is adjustments to it as well as other laws for conditions in licensing. Control, not abolishment. There is a difference.

I don't feel this will be resolved until healthcare, including psychological care, becomes affordable for all so that people can get proper screening before licensing. They want to close loopholes in gun shows and private sales so that people who are violent and crack to buy them without being tracked and monitored.

I am all for the freedoms, but an individual's absolute freedom shouldn't be more important than the safety of the majority, ever.

AmyLF Level 7 Apr 29, 2018

None of us want to repeal the 2nd amendment, it's a nice thought, but we all know that it is impossible to do even if we wanted to which we don't. we don't to take everybody's guns either, It's another lie the NRA and Trump are telling about us.

@MikeFlora I'm not sure everyone in the NRA is toting this idea either. I've talked to people in that system and the idea I'm getting is they don't want loose cannons getting ahold of guns easily either. Reform over removal is the idea. It's just Trump and the few in there that actually believe him... after all he's been caught fear mongering and lying about. It's the one thing I am stumped about. How can so many still have stars in their eyes over him. I just don't get it.


He said on the campaign trail that if you didn't vote for him, the second amendment would be GONE. Like it was that easy! And people believed it.


I think I'm pretty dialed-in to the mainstream Democratic ideology, and I NEVER hear repeal mentioned. Literally never. It just simply is not a mainstream idea. But that didn't stop our current president from whipping his voters into a frenzy with lies about it. Shameless opportunist, irresponsible self-promoter.

Trump just said it on facebook today.

@MikeFlora I agree with you. He's telling people that the second amendment is under threat, and literally no one of any influence is actually advocating that.

With multiple opportunities to either rally his base, or ‘repeal the 2nd Amendment,’ Obama didn’t go there... He was honest and intelligent enough to know better. Too bad the Republican minions aren’t up to that level of insight or honesty.. But hey, they’re in total charge - so they must be doing something right 😕


Yes agree

Rosh Level 7 Apr 29, 2018

I agree with this post. The 2nd Amendment debate is a non-starter. While I personally do want to have the 2nd amendment repelled or better dramatically revised, that is beside the point. I recognize that my position is untenable in the current political situation.

Fortunately, words on tweeter are irrelevant. When November comes we will count the votes. Sensible gun laws will be passed and there will be political costs for those who block them.

marmot84 Level 7 Apr 29, 2018

They are being passed now, it's just on a local level.


That'll change when people start packing grenades, since this too is an arm. Or any other arm. If the right applies to guns, it applies to all arms.

bingst Level 8 Apr 29, 2018

As a practical matter constitutional amendments are now fabricated by the US Supreme Court whenever they feel like it. The Heller decision giving solid status to the 2nd amendment was passed by a 5 to 4 vote.

The Liberal gun-grabbers would like to confiscate all of the privately owned firearms in the USA, and if they can't do that they will go after the ammunition. They are relentless, and in my opinion often dishonest about their intentions.

doug6352 Level 7 Apr 29, 2018

Beyond assault weapons, us liberal gun-grabbers don't give a rat's ass how many guns you or what kind they are. Trump and the NRA are feeding you this bullshit and you are eating it up like candy. I'm trying to keep the conservation going and keep the peace, you just made that impossible. Us relentless, dishonest, liberal gun-grabbers, who want to take everybody's guns away have better things to do.

Do you personally know any of these "Liberal gun-grabbers"?

Real military "assault weapons" have been outlawed since the 1930s. What the gun-grabbers repeatedly propose to outlaw are semiautomatic weapons that look like military weapons. It is pure BS to keep their anti-gun constituents thinking they are doing something while they are actually doing nothing.

I don't belong to the NRA and don't get my thinking from Trump. I consider myself slightly smarter than him so I advise him what to think by email. But I would say that Trump and I are in about 80% agreement on important matters.

Do Liberals really want to ban all privately owned guns? I just listen to what they say, and many of them say they do.

And do I know any Liberal gun-grabbers? Yes, some members of my own family.

Well Doug, there are radicals everywhere, but I think the general consensus of most of the people in this thread is that THEY DON'T want to take all of anyone's weapons, yours included. I don't even care about nit picking about what "kind" of weapon, by definition. I just want to start hearing less on the news about certain weapons ending up in the hands of those who seek to destroy human lives. It's not about taking them away, it's about making it a real serious deal to get ANY kind of weapon in the first place. Those that really want one will jump through the hoops.

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