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Maremma puppies playing in the creek. Uptate New York. Brook Glen Farm 2013
OldGoat43 June 24 Jun 24 22
My Maremma's Wedding Photo. May 2014
OldGoat43 Nov 16 Nov 16 11
Photo Challenge! -- Muzzle Porn I'll start this off...
OldWiseAss May 26 May 26 66
Sadie and I enjoyed the Kentucky spring in my back yard yesterday.
DharmaBum50 Apr 12 Apr 12 44
Rest easy hooman I shall guard thee while thou poops
josh23452 Mar 23 Mar 23 00
Ever feel like you're being looked down on...?
eStop Mar 17 Mar 17 22
Love my fur babies ❤❤
Mountaingirl73 Mar 10 Mar 10 11
Friends..Today marks a year since I brought my little dipshits home from the shelter....They were sickly and tiny and not doing well but we were fortunate and today they seem happy n healthy.
josh23452 Feb 28 Feb 28 11
My shadow named Oscar.but I love him.
Jdpeters44 Feb 1 Feb 1 22
I feel like I should worry.
josh23452 Jan 25 Jan 25 22
The duck is done.
PeteEwy Jan 13 Jan 13 44
Todd the hero > Location: Anthem, Arizona > Date: Oct. 29 A golden retriever named Todd prevented a rattlesnake from attacking its owner, Paula Godwin, in Arizona. The hero dog was bitten in the face by the rattler and taken to a hospital in ...
OldGoat43 Dec 29 Dec 29 22
It always seems like they are judging me when I poop.
josh23452 Dec 28 Dec 28 22
So cute! It's so hard to take a picture and have a black cat actually visible in it ? Of course Luna just had to be cleaning herself in the picture with better lighting.
MusicMnstr99 Dec 17 Dec 17 00
Well, at least some of my family is getting along this holiday season ?
eStop Dec 10 Dec 10 11
Yummy toes....
Lilac-Jade Dec 3 Dec 3 00
Lilac-Jade Dec 2 Dec 2 11
Have you wondered why some dogs spin in a circle before they lay down or potty? I have looked all over the internet to find theories on this. I am still not sure that any i have seen are fact. I have a yorkie and when she gets ready to lay down...
twshield Nov 29 Nov 29 33
Everyone needs a co-pilot!
twshield Nov 28 Nov 28 11
Awsome happy high five!
PinkyandtheBrain Nov 13 Nov 13 22
A couple of my newest skinnies, Luna pig and Armand. Oh, and by the way, who is excited about Crimes Of Grindelwald?
DoctoralZombie Nov 12 Nov 12 11
Mama and baby aka Cappuccino and Rat. It snowed last night.
MusicMnstr99 Nov 9 Nov 9 11
The worst part of pet ownership....When you have to piss
josh23452 Nov 8 Nov 8 00
I will assume my fat leg is really comfortable. "Basil" seems to think so...
twshield Nov 7 Nov 7 22
I can has coffee?
josh23452 Nov 4 Nov 4 11

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