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An interesting story. Keep an open mind. I googled Dr Sarah Jarvis and her photo was immediately recognisable. She is on BBC news almost every day spouting her words of wisdom. Doctor knows best ?. Apparently not.

Moravian 8 July 14
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In Australia, we didn't bother with the masks and my state hasn't has a new case in.....well..... dunno when but our death total was only 6. We adhered to the 1.5metre distancing and it was supposed by authorities that masks might make us complacent when it came to social distancing. Still, I realise it is far easier to keep distance from one another in Australia than London.

And Melbourne had to lock down again ?.

@Moravian yeah well anyone fool enough to live in Melbourne......etc
Stuffed it up for the rest of us


Lets be straight about this. At the beginning of the pandemic, the UK government discovered that it did not have enough PPE for all its hospital staff. So in order to stop the public panic buying PPE and making demands on the manufacturers, it put out the line that masks were of no use, even dangerous, because it did not trust the public, and therefore it chose to lie rather than tell the truth. (Funny how they work in hospitals but not in shops.)

And in order to justify that, they carefully cherry picked their pseudo-science, and willfully chose to ignore information coming out of responsible organizations like the W.H.O.. (They may have found a scientist who had spent the last six years in Antarctica studying penguins, and they asked him if he had found any evidence that face masks lessen the risk of viral transmission. To which he said. "No." ) Some GPs may have gone along with this or been taken in, or brow beaten into pulling the government line.

The government then, when the PPE crisis was over, then went into a face saving mode, by trying to downplay the value of them. Which act of petty ego, has no doubt cost lives and done huge economic damage by prolonging and deepening the problem , and is truly shameful.

You do not have to be super intelligent, (though for all I know Caprise may be highly intelligent,) to see that physical barriers are going to reduce the transmission of particles by air, that has nothing to do with medicine, it just basic Newtonian physics.

Fernapple Level 9 July 15, 2020

It would appear that the further to the right you are politically the more stupid you are. A tory MP sir something or other ranting in the house about how unfair it is and Tory party members tearing up their membership cards. Still if it means a few less Tory votes it can't be all bad.

@Moravian Yes I saw one, (I assume Tory.) who was about the only objector to masks, standing up in parliment this morning, saying how having to wear a mask would put him off going shopping and how awful it was wearing a mask. Stupid, the jerk was wearing a suit and tie. Dishonest, I bet he has never done serious shopping, looked like the sort who leaves that to the servants to me.

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