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Tory Corruption ?. Surely not.
Baroness Mone has taken leave of absence from the House of Lords while she tries to clear her name.
That is if you can take leave of absence from a place that you only attended four times in the past six months.
She used her position and influence to get a contract for PEP during the epidemic worth £200 million for a company she and her husband were connected to..
£29 million ended up in her bank account .

Moravian 8 Dec 7
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The English sadly taught the Scots some nasty habits & they still have an unnecessary chip on their shoulder about wanting to be better than the English.

The Scots were willing helpers in the slave trade and the creation of the British Empire but those days are over. Many English people still think the UK is a world power when it is really just a puppet of the USA.
It's time to leave all that behind and become a modern state as part of Europe and the only way to do that is ro leave the union.

@Moravian on your last line I think I saw that the majority of English also believe that they should still be part of EEC.

@FrayedBear Yes I think the latest polls show that many are now waking up to the fact that Brexit has been an unmitigated disaster

@Moravian the blindly #stupid leading the "stupid I don't cares"?


She is eye candy though... or eye bridie at least!
That said, money, money, money is what drives her.

Sofabeast Level 7 Dec 8, 2022

She's not unatractive but is extremely avaricious. I wonder why Cameron made her a baroness. Possibly because she was very oustpoken against Scotland leaving the union. She said if it was a yes vote in 2014 she would move down south. She then moved down to London.


Conservatives everywhere seem to be very good at taking care of their pocketbooks and dismissive of the real needs of the country.

Lorajay Level 9 Dec 7, 2022

Greedy, lying Tory bitch! What more can I say…that sums it all up!!

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