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Early times, but results so far show the 6 week old Brexit party are way on front of every other party.
Even in Scotland, where the SNP reigns supreme, the Brexit' party nevertheless lies second.
That must give a clear message to the people who have mismanaged Brexit for so long.

Petter 8 May 26
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It is nothing more than a sign of how racist the UK can be, as it is not about anything other than race. And I'm fucking sick of it. UK is on the verge of bloody civil war.

Savage Level 7 May 29, 2019

Easy to communicate a simplistic message. The problems will come for the Brexit party when they have to say something about any other topic. May they rot.

Red_Cat Level 7 May 27, 2019

I take it you are a fanatical remainer? 😂🤣

@Petter Peace-lover. And you?

@Red_Cat Pragmatist.

@Petter That's a close enough match.

@Red_Cat Final choice is Boris J or Jeremy H.
I suspect Boris will be the next UK Prime Minister.
That should lead to an interesting period of politics!!!

@Petter It's not over yet. Hunt may well display a more statesmanlike approach in the hustings. Not difficult, I would have thought...

@Red_Cat If Boris continues to have private life "incidents", Hunt will definitely hunt down Boris.

@Petter I think we can count on Boris to produce something unacceptable.


There is a pretty clear split between leavers and remainers and in Scotland the SNP have gained a seat and with 40% of the vote mirrors the voting in the referendum which was a clear mandate to remain in the EU

Moravian Level 8 May 27, 2019

Therefore, as per my comment to @ Marionville, Scotland would be justified in seeking a second independence referendum if there were to be a second Brexit referendum.


If you leave out the Labour and Conservative votes both parties being hopelessly split, the numbers for the Libdems plus Greens who are clear remainers are slightly ahead of the Brexiters plus Ukip.

CeliaVL Level 7 May 26, 2019

But factor in the fact that voter turnout was higher in the remain areas, and once again we have a land split down the middle.

@Petter If quitters failed to vote that's their problem. Democracy...

@Red_Cat Nothing to do with it being a problem for anyone. Read the statement and then my reply and you will realise it was merely an analysis of the situation. Britain is still split very close to 50/50 over Brexit.

@Petter Stet.


Scotland is a different country altogether ....the SNP are way ahead of all others, despite the good showing of the Brexit party which is at the expense of the Tories and Labour.

Hence my comment that even in Scotland the Brexit party lies second. ie. It leads all non-Scottish parties.
As an aside, if there is a second Leave/Remain referendum, then Scotland is perfectly justified in demanding a second referendum on leaving the Union.

@Petter I hope they do. I will go back and live there if they get independence.

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