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BBC Solent Sport. Jan 26


The joys of being a Southampton F.C. supporter!

Geoffrey51 8 Jan 27
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Try supporting my team for 50 years of lower leagues and heartache. The mighty Brentford FC. We are currently in a golden period in the Championship. 🙂

Rossics13 Level 6 Jan 28, 2020

Fantastic. I’ll follow them now. I always used to have Brentford in my Subbuteo leagues because of their colours being similar to Southampton.

Nice win for Brentford away from home!


You’re still in with a chance then if you can beat Spurs next week’ll be playing away from home, but good luck! If you get through you will meet my second team Norwich (my brother lives there, and my nephew Colin is a keen Canaries supporter, although living in London now). They had the draw for the next round live on BBCs The One Show earlier..Leicester drew Coventry City which they’re delighted about.

Yes, a reasonable cup run would be good now they’ve bucked up a bit. Certainly fancy getting past Norwich if we can turn Spurs over but Norwich and Coventry have always been our bogie teams for some reason.. Leicester should have fun with Coventry.

@Geoffrey51 Good luck!

@Marionville Thank you


Don't have Twitter- and don't intend to.

Petter Level 9 Jan 27, 2020

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