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Glad to join this group, rest of the place is over run with damn colonials.

LenHazell53 9 May 4
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There's no escaping us colonials Len 😀 If we haven't already moved in next door to you, we are on our way!!!!!

I love the Brits, the humour, satire, irony and the way they take the piss out of everything and I think Australians have that in common. But I'd still rather live in the sunshine. And I think it's time we cut the cords and let go of having your monarchy as our head of state.


Oh come on guys, it is funny!

brentan Level 8 June 25, 2018

Ah I forgot


I'm glad to this group too but by 'damn colonials', I assume you mean 'people'.

Grumpy Level 5 June 10, 2018



I use the term colonials to tease American friends. It's a friendly tongue in cheek term and they take it in just the way it was intended.

Eastrenbi Level 5 May 4, 2018

Don't any of them remind you it was 398 years ago that the Pilgrim Fathers moved in?

@Red_Cat Sometimes yes


I think the "colonials" you mentioned actually own this website. Might be a good idea to refresh your humour.

Red_Cat Level 7 May 4, 2018

By refresh I assume you mean censor?

@LenHazell53 Improve. Sharpen up.

@Red_Cat I'll mention your advice to my agent 🙂

@LenHazell53 Good thinking. But don't send me a bill 🙂


Lol. Which colonials do you refer to? The African, American or arse end of the world variety?

He means the arse end ones sorry just couldn't resist !!!

@Simon1 arse end of the world is where I reside - Australia.

@FrayedBear depends whose globe you look at from what I am told they sell them with aus on top

@Simon1 Must be the Americans - that's why I have to state in my bio where Australia isn't located. Besides which who but an ignoramus or retard is going to put the north pole underneath the south pole until it actually happens?
I'm sure that you know that Venus, where popular belief has women coming from, not only has a very acidic atmosphere but is upside down with its N.pole 177 degrees out of alignment. Now there's a thought to use to rationalise the irrational? ?

@FrayedBear the thought process behind it is there's no up or down in space . It's only by chance that we decided the north pole was up it's just as feedable Australia could be the top of the world

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