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Mar 17, 2021Mar 2021

Posted by AimlessBoy
Is uk safe for ex muslim ?
UK Atheists & Agnostics
Sep 14, 2020Sep 2020

Posted by Moravian
Edinburgh University have been bullied by BLM into renaming Hume Tower because of David Hume's connection to the slave trade. A petition got only 2000 names but the University went ahead anyway. Totally wrong in my opinion
UK Atheists & Agnostics
Feb 28, 2020Feb 2020

Posted by Moravian
Call me Harry I quite like Harry but he is doing himself no favours by doing this. He talks at a sustainable tourism conference and the nabs a whole first class carriage for himself
UK Atheists & Agnostics
Sep 18, 2019Sep 2019

Posted by Sandster
Prayers for Brexit? Oh My God (yes I'm being ironic)! Liverpool's Anglican cathedral has set aside special prayer areas so people can pray for anything to do with Brexit. I know I'm preaching to the converted here when I say all prayer is rubbish (I...
UK Atheists & Agnostics
Aug 15, 2019Aug 2019

Posted by Red_Cat
I have just been tracking Greta Thunberg's yacht, Malizia: They are sailing into the wind for the time being, so will be constantly changing tack. I can't imagine how uncomfortable it must be, smashing through the ...
UK Atheists & Agnostics
Jul 24, 2019Jul 2019

Posted by webspider555
Sums it all up perfectly
UK Atheists & Agnostics
Jun 25, 2019Jun 2019

Posted by webspider555
I had to look twice at this!
UK Atheists & Agnostics
May 20, 2019May 2019

Posted by Geoffrey51
We all suspected Sir Michael had his hand on the tiller with John Major and do a lesser extent Thatcher, but it all turned to shit when he turned away from Cameron. Never my favourite politician and certainly not his politics but all power to him ...
UK Atheists & Agnostics
Apr 21, 2019Apr 2019

Posted by Petter
The onion (union) of corruption.

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Posted by MoravianTory Corruption ?

Posted by MoravianA Tory Christmas carol

Posted by MoravianAny takers

Posted by MattHardyA Boris promise is just a lie that hasn't happened yet. Whatever Sue Grey says, no way is Boris going to admit he lied and resign.

Posted by MoravianJacob Rees Mogg is one of my least favourite people in the world.

Posted by MoravianBoris certainly has his finger on the pulse

Posted by webspider555No trump to take the spotlight off him now

Posted by MannanWhat do you think.....?hahaha

Posted by McflewsterEVERY BORIS SPEECH []

Posted by MoravianPolitics in the UK

Posted by webspider555All set to go well with the vaccination roll out

Posted by webspider555Vaccine already in production

Posted by webspider555If Boris is mentioned then I cannot rule out it being true

Posted by HawkeyeNew to this group, thanks for having me :) Thought I would share something that has had my poor wee atheist brain turning for a few days (the article is a few days old).

Posted by McflewsterWhere Religion ,Monarchy and Private Education meet. Taken from the Book "BOY" by Roald Dahl "Tales of Childhood" []

Posted by webspider555I’m beginning to wonder whether our government is just incompetent or are all these things happening just to get us in a rage arguing amongst ourselves.

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