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Mar 27, 2020Mar 2020

Posted by NicoleCadmium
Has anyone else noticed that there's a new religion in town? It's called The National Health Service. People are choosing to put their faith in something that could actually save them, rather than a bunch of promises and pure placebo. Meanwhile, The...
UK Atheists & Agnostics
Aug 2, 2019Aug 2019

Posted by Moravian
A chink of light in the gloom Lib Dems win by election
UK Atheists & Agnostics
Feb 22, 2019Feb 2019

Posted by FrayedBear
For all interested in the Brexit case here is an opinion piece written more than twelve months ago: "“What did the EU ever do for us? In the week when the UK's five extremist right-wing media billionaires won their battle to waste our time, money ...
UK Atheists & Agnostics
Nov 12, 2018Nov 2018

Posted by Mcflewster
POLLHaving seen the Cenotaph ceremony on the BBC Today The day started very well . Listening to the Sunday Program which starts at 7:15am each Sunday and gives me the latests in the failures of the church .Click on below and then the Arrow ...
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UK Atheists & Agnostics
Sep 18, 2018Sep 2018

Posted by Marionville
A song at teatime.....Who is old enough to remember this one......Petula Clark. - Downtown.
UK Atheists & Agnostics
Aug 15, 2018Aug 2018

Posted by Residualspirit
I being athiest try remember faith gives others comfort and hope etc but I myself see this as false hope. People pray for a dying relative the false hope pouring from them wishing them get better or live. How is this really comfort when they do die...
UK Atheists & Agnostics
Aug 9, 2018Aug 2018

Posted by Marionville
Another sexual abuse scandal at two of the top Catholic Public Schools in England. Today a report by Dr. Alexis Jay has condemned Ampleforth N. Yorks. and Downside Somerset for cases going back for over 40 years of abuse conducted by teachers and ...
UK Atheists & Agnostics
Jun 4, 2018Jun 2018

Posted by Tedoi
Mo Salah's Injury:- Apparently some Imam has blamed Mo’s recent injury on the fact that he broke his fast for Ramadan before the Champion’s League final. Being brought up a , I knew that “our” worked in mysterious ways but evidently Allah ...

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Posted by McflewsterEVERY BORIS SPEECH []

Posted by MoravianPolitics in the UK

Posted by webspider555All set to go well with the vaccination roll out

Posted by webspider555Vaccine already in production

Posted by webspider555If Boris is mentioned then I cannot rule out it being true

Posted by HawkeyeNew to this group, thanks for having me :) Thought I would share something that has had my poor wee atheist brain turning for a few days (the article is a few days old).

Posted by McflewsterWhere Religion ,Monarchy and Private Education meet. Taken from the Book "BOY" by Roald Dahl "Tales of Childhood" []

Posted by webspider555I’m beginning to wonder whether our government is just incompetent or are all these things happening just to get us in a rage arguing amongst ourselves.

Posted by PetterVery true....

Posted by MoravianWho's the daddy ?

Posted by webspider555Tough new measures introduced for those refusing to stay at home

Posted by Mcflewster[]

Posted by MoravianPriti Patel. The Home secretary who said that under her immigration policy it is unlikely that her parents would have been allowed to settle in the UK. What a pity.

Posted by webspider555I doubt if anything can stop this now

Posted by webspider555Getting complicated for the Russians now

Posted by webspider555The two Ronnies at their best

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