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Apr 1, 2020Apr 2020

Posted by Petter
I haven't heard a peep out of Boris for a couple of days now. Do you think he's really poorly with this virus?
UK Atheists & Agnostics
Feb 29, 2020Feb 2020

Posted by Marionville
Sir Philip Rutnam, head of the Civil Service at the Home Office has resigned in spectacular style, and is suing the Government for constructive dismissal. He says that Home Secretary Priti Patel has been briefing against him and that he had ...
UK Atheists & Agnostics
Feb 13, 2020Feb 2020

Posted by Marionville
Cabinet drama ....breaking news! Boris’s reshuffle goes awry when Chancellor Jajid Javid resigns when told he could keep his job only if he sacked all his advisers! Remember that Dominic Cummings fired one of Javid’s key advisers in the first...
UK Atheists & Agnostics
Feb 4, 2020Feb 2020

Posted by Moravian
The religion of peace ? The latest terrorist attack in London was perpetrated by a young man just released from prison, serving a sentence for previous terrorist offences. He had been "radicalised" at a young age and this was reinforced ...
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Sep 14, 2019Sep 2019

Posted by Mcflewster
I think that people make up their minds about serious problems like Brexit far too quickly. I am well aware than a quick intuitive decision is SOMETIMES better than a long-distorted grapple with debating points. I do not think it is in any way ...
UK Atheists & Agnostics
Sep 8, 2019Sep 2019

Posted by MattHardy
Winston Churchill is quoted as saying that “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” Yet there are many ways to implement democracy, not all are equally awful and some may take a little while to get used to. It used...
UK Atheists & Agnostics
Jul 24, 2019Jul 2019

Posted by Geoffrey51
Hi Guys. I have just seen the temperature prediction of 39C for you. I haven’t been in UK for 12 years but we get 40+ in Victoria Aus which is really unbearable for a Pom like me. All I can say is keep out of the heat and drink loads and loads of...
UK Atheists & Agnostics
Apr 4, 2019Apr 2019

Posted by Moravian
Stole this from FB. It was in reply to a story saying up to £1 trillion has been moved to Europe from the UK recently But only yesterday I heard John Baron MP (Cons), a No Deal Brexit advocate, announcing in the House of Commons and on various ...
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Mar 30, 2019Mar 2019

Posted by Marionville
You couldn’t make this up....on BBC News headlines....Mrs May to try a fourth time to get her deal through Parliament. What do they describe as a sign of insanity .....isn’t it to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome? ...
UK Atheists & Agnostics
Mar 15, 2019Mar 2019

Posted by Marionville
I think we need a laugh as light relief from here is Ab.Fab and Patsy breaking her wrist giving Edina a massage!
UK Atheists & Agnostics
Mar 9, 2019Mar 2019

Posted by Mcflewster
Please criticize my logic . In order to finish with Brexit and heal the divide in the country ,it is possible that one needs some thought on the most productive way of reaching a right decision that most thinking people use more that any other ...
Shared from Philosophy & Meaning
Nov 6, 2018Nov 2018

Posted by LenHazell53
Jesus fucking Christ, insulting Islam is now a punishable offense in the EU court of human right We are fucking doomed share this as far and fast as you can.
UK Atheists & Agnostics
Oct 13, 2018Oct 2018

Posted by Eclipsechaser
Is anyone here planning on being at the People's Vote March in London on Saturday (20th)?

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Posted by MattHardyA Boris promise is just a lie that hasn't happened yet. Whatever Sue Grey says, no way is Boris going to admit he lied and resign.

Posted by MoravianJacob Rees Mogg is one of my least favourite people in the world.

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Posted by webspider555All set to go well with the vaccination roll out

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Posted by webspider555If Boris is mentioned then I cannot rule out it being true

Posted by HawkeyeNew to this group, thanks for having me :) Thought I would share something that has had my poor wee atheist brain turning for a few days (the article is a few days old).

Posted by McflewsterWhere Religion ,Monarchy and Private Education meet. Taken from the Book "BOY" by Roald Dahl "Tales of Childhood" []

Posted by webspider555I’m beginning to wonder whether our government is just incompetent or are all these things happening just to get us in a rage arguing amongst ourselves.

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