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Jun 28, 2020Jun 2020

Posted by Geoffrey51
Wot! Oh BJ, that’s just tooooo embarrassing. Glad I’m not English anymore!
UK Atheists & Agnostics
May 12, 2020May 2020

Posted by Mcflewster
I am so pleased for Charlot Charles the mother of Harry Dunn who now says that her family and the United states “ Are on the same page ” after someone falsely donated diplomatic immunity to the killer of her son. Ann Sacoolas is still ...
UK Atheists & Agnostics
Feb 26, 2020Feb 2020

Posted by Petter
The fates do conspire against me. Last year I had to cancel plans to watch, live, a 6 Nations rugby match in Rome's Stadio Olimpico because I fell sick. This year I have had to cancel plans to watch, live, a 6 Nations rugby match in Rome's Stadio ...
UK Atheists & Agnostics
Feb 13, 2020Feb 2020

Posted by Marionville
Cabinet drama ....breaking news! Boris’s reshuffle goes awry when Chancellor Jajid Javid resigns when told he could keep his job only if he sacked all his advisers! Remember that Dominic Cummings fired one of Javid’s key advisers in the first...
UK Atheists & Agnostics
Oct 16, 2019Oct 2019

Posted by Mcflewster
Extradite or NOT? It is obvious to me that DT cannot deal with Human reason or emotion in thinking that he can bring two grieving women together before Justice is done. The only concept one has of Justice is with your own mother country and this ...
Shared from Philosophy & Meaning
Nov 6, 2018Nov 2018

Posted by LenHazell53
Jesus fucking Christ, insulting Islam is now a punishable offense in the EU court of human right We are fucking doomed share this as far and fast as you can.
UK Atheists & Agnostics
May 11, 2018May 2018

Posted by anonymous
Supermarket rant. If I wander into any supermarket in the country I know that fruit and veg are in the first aisle, then meat and cheese, then dairy etc all the way through bread in the last aisle. It's been an unwritten rule forever. So why oh why ...

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Posted by McflewsterEVERY BORIS SPEECH []

Posted by MoravianPolitics in the UK

Posted by webspider555All set to go well with the vaccination roll out

Posted by webspider555Vaccine already in production

Posted by webspider555If Boris is mentioned then I cannot rule out it being true

Posted by HawkeyeNew to this group, thanks for having me :) Thought I would share something that has had my poor wee atheist brain turning for a few days (the article is a few days old).

Posted by McflewsterWhere Religion ,Monarchy and Private Education meet. Taken from the Book "BOY" by Roald Dahl "Tales of Childhood" []

Posted by webspider555I’m beginning to wonder whether our government is just incompetent or are all these things happening just to get us in a rage arguing amongst ourselves.

Posted by PetterVery true....

Posted by MoravianWho's the daddy ?

Posted by webspider555Tough new measures introduced for those refusing to stay at home

Posted by Mcflewster[]

Posted by MoravianPriti Patel. The Home secretary who said that under her immigration policy it is unlikely that her parents would have been allowed to settle in the UK. What a pity.

Posted by webspider555I doubt if anything can stop this now

Posted by webspider555Getting complicated for the Russians now

Posted by webspider555The two Ronnies at their best

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