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One time in California I had a small group of followers who declared me their deity. One of the non-believers asked me to prove to him I could work miracles.

"God," I explained haughty "does not work miracles on command." That explains why when people ask God for something, he's likely to say no. I'm dangerous when I'm making sense.

With that I gained another follower.

When I went out in public my followers would cheerfully greet me on the streets as "Hi God" to the astonishment of the bystanders.

Sometimes the bystanders would ask my followers "Really? That's God?"

I'd hear them yell "Hey God. Come over here. This guy wants to meet you."

The crowd began to grow making it difficult to go anywhere. It's not comfortable being famous.

That's why I moved to the east coast.

WonderWartHog99 8 Nov 16
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Keep on truckin' Mr Natural!

SolarWind Level 4 Mar 22, 2020

There are too many Mr. Natural memes that I am not allowed to post.

A cute movie on 2 people that meet God 😉