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Some are down to cleanse their sins
While others down to cleanse their Benz
Relying on a chance to shine getting the player rims to spin
Real vs fake smiles, investigate and trim the grin
Am I wrong for being myself while rocking the slimmest trend?

Loyalty is tested through arts of making amends with spends ($$)
That may make you your soul, spark up envious trends with friends
Many are afraid to see the light like down to dim the lens
While me I'm tryna stay above water, my route to swim depends

Upon being the one and "Loving It" like a Mc Donald's quote
"Charmed" by the powerful "scenes", Alyssa Milano's note
That's bound to getting realer than some Yvette Arellano (enivormentalist/activist in Houston) votes
To keeping conferences from Houston over to Delano stoked

Mind over matter
Vs chatter
That'll scatter

Full batter
Vs no batter
Through struggle of the ladder

Of climbing and reaching the valuables to have a worthy home
From the mind of Kris Smith within the active 30 zone

☕ 2018 - Kris Smith

KrisSmith1 6 June 27
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The superficial people like you were describing, in the beginning, drive me nuts. Nice write

azzow2 Level 9 June 27, 2018