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I am death with a baby's face

A thief of life in a life of waste

Another X-moonie, another head case

 And I'm coming after U

Doesn't matter what I've been

Struggles external, struggles within

Maybe I'm thirty or a hundred and ten

 But I'm coming after U

Sailing against the wind I run

Sailing dark eternity I come

Things will get different but things will get done

 When I come back 4U

Everybody loses, nobody wins

As I prowl the street where you live again

Horrors eclipsing unpardonable sin

Now that I've come back 4U

RaaChenn 7 June 28
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Dark and very effective.


Wow! That revels our end...the one that awaits all!

@OlinWest thank heavens we have not yet...seem the writing on the wall! See a lot of writing in old age, though!


Constant pressure to be this a certain way or think within-guideline parameters.

azzow2 Level 9 June 28, 2018