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Thoughts of ending my passion will be the day that hades freeze
Step in the ring of "all time" and see how these 80's babies squeeze
Captivated by classical rhythm that Sweet Ol' Sade's lead
A product of the hood that wouldn't grasp Woodlands or Katy's trees

Sum the sounds of elusive shows
Drum a round of conclusive blows
If signs don't heed my wall then they're "coming down" like a screwston flow
Bums around won't produce the glow
Thunder bound to reboost the row
To start wires to manifest hunger mounds down to scoop the dough ($$$)

Far as the game I gotta stay on it as if I'm white on rice
On it to whom despite on rights
Haunted by broken lights on life
Revive the art of what you own flaunt it with all your might on sight
Bondage throughout the hype of strife
Pawn it throughout the ice and dice

Indeed throughout the midst I must stay on it like a strict parent
A shout out to the era that made me like a legit parent
Through manifested human rights activated through sporty hits
For equality, colorblind like watching 1940's flicks

☕ Manifesto Ent

KrisSmith1 6 July 4
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Exchanging and remembering life's lessons and passing them on to prosperity. Like the ice dice rhyme the most gave me thought of my shipmates exchanging haughty pleasantries. Good write

azzow2 Level 9 July 4, 2018