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Earth, wind, fire, water, air
Accumulated through the given solstice through quarters beared
You gotta pay the price so why you coming up with shorter fare
To open up the cavern of my mind who wanna board the lair

With more than "One Life To Live" for my passion to operate
She's "Bold In Her Beautiful" ways so advise you stop the hate
Like a "mailed rose" (Melrose) "placed" with a sacred gem or copper state
Proceed the "Guiding Light" to shine over envy through propped debates

Supporters through recorders, afforded that's down to greet me, stay
Within my manifested zone, never too old to teach me ways
To grow through evolution of artistry, knock my flame, may cock and have you step back quicker than Scott Pruitt from EPA

Like refusing the burn sound
Trump Care upon my agenda's outta place like a contestant that Simon turned down

In 2018 let's see who can afford to share
Their thoughts to this piece through the works of wind, fire, water, air

☕ 2018 - Kris Smith

KrisSmith1 6 July 8
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Constant flow Good rhyming

azzow2 Level 9 July 8, 2018
This is 'Detroit vs Everybody' with Big Sean, Rose de 5'9', Danny Brown and Eminem. I like this because I can read along while I listen to the cadence. The pictures are taken on Rivard at the Eastern Market in Detroit. Its behind Berts Marketplace and Berts does this every Saturday when the weather is good. People come out, eat some ribs and listen to local entertainers. everyone having a good time. Keep it coming Kris, you write it out and I'll read it. you may have to break it down a little bit from time to time. The Kings English changes all the time. sometimes i don't keep up. daniel
Lincoln55 Level 8 July 8, 2018

Kris, thanks for that. I'm a 68 y.o white man living in my city of Detroit. I never paid any attention to Rap or hip Hop until I watched '8 Mile' and made a decision that awareness was a virtue. Part of the problem is I have a hearing deficiency and can't make out the words quick enough (hearing impaired people can hear. That is a misnomer. The words are just not clear so they transcribe in their heads. That takes time and rap moves fast) so I go to Google for the lyrics. Because i live in the city, a lot of the themes in Rap resonate with me. Granted it will never be a favorite of mine because of the rapid delivery. I'm more of a ballad guy because of the pace. So I don't know about wind, fire, water and air but I can give you back on my keyboard. i didn't understand the 1st stanza but I was certainly catching up by the last two. Daniel . . . . .more to follow

Lincoln55 Level 8 July 8, 2018