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When I had first posted this about 5 years ago it drew a ton of flack.
Twisted kiss of the fetidness spills in the mind like a rusty dime.

Sedge time spilling the wine can poke a hole deep in the divine.

Repugnant niceties can stagnate even the éclat of congruity.

Argot of the enamor can make the word clamor for those tinseled in glamor.

Down in the dirt girt flirts the hurt of promiscuity.

Mollycoddle the phycology of the transparency in oblique consistency.

azzow2 9 July 8
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It is bordering on the bazaar, but things are not always ‘peaches and cream,’ either!


Was on before the site went missing. I think that mostly it was misunderstood and that I was poking fun at a certain group. Which was not the case. There was a lot of religious post on that site as well. I had it in my bio that I was agnostic could have drawn negative attention.

azzow2 Level 9 July 8, 2018

"Indulge the study of algae of the clarity in slanting Thickness or viscosity" Thats your final line in plain speak or you could call it language that is geared toward some type of understanding. I am apologetic for my stupefication sir, but There is no clarity there. Do you go through a dictionary, close your eyes and point toward words and then string them together. I would be curious to hear what you feel the purpose of poetry is. Now I am going to go and clear my mind of all the spilled rusty dimes left behind by this tripe.

Lincoln55 Level 8 July 8, 2018

...that could be the point! Lol

@Freedompath There is too much beauty here, If that is the opoint, my time was wasted. i could be amazed and tickled insted.

@Lincoln55 ...I am not so sure that ‘jarring’ our brain out of it’s norm, is wasted! Remember, if our brain keeps cutting into the same old groves... I must work my brain really hard on some of azzow2, work, but at the same time I am fascinated at how his brain works! Who knew?

@Lincoln55 and I bet it is harder for me, than it would be for you! Lol

@Freedompath Sorry if you're having a hard time with the criticism but none of it will be walked back. He starts with a statement that the post had previously drawn flack. If so scrutinize it. Poets edit. One of my best friends is an exceptional poet. She will write a piece and then edit for a year. this gentleman stated that he posted previously and now was posting again. I'm glad you are facinated but I fail to see what is facinating. You choose to bargain with my opinion. Why? dissect his work line by line and there is nothing there. Help yourself but your missionary work on me is a waste of your time. Actually, I would like to see you break this piece down line by line and tell me what you are seeing here.

@Lincoln55 you misunderstood me, if you thought I was criticizing...I was not! I was only pointing out something about our brains! Nothing more, nothing less! I am one of those individuals, who is not breaking down anyone’s reaction is from an emotional reaction as I read a poem! Everyone is free to ‘read’ anyway they choose! In fact your original response made sense and I took that into account, but the second one sounds like you expect all people to ‘operate’ as you do...well, good luck with that!

@Lincoln55 I bargained with your opinion, for the same reason that you bargained with mine! Why does bargaining not go both ways? I did not ‘put you down,’ for ‘bargaining,’ though!

@Freedompath No I don't. You see one thing and then try to convince me of the righteousness of your view. Odd tact on a site like this. I think the guy is purposely trying to elicit a negative response. I never said anything about you criticizing me . I said bargain with my opinion. I have no problem with you liking his work or trying your best to understand his thought process but frankly I think thats a futile exercise. This isn't the first bizzare post he made. You are correct, everyone is free to read anyway that they choose. You and me. As far as breaking down a poem, how do you choose to understand what points the writer is trying to make. Perhaps you don't like the phrase breaking down. So be it . Its one i've heard discussed in several poetry groups

@Lincoln55 I am not the ‘go to person’ if you need to get technical. I am here to learn and accept my fellow man as he/she is...sometimes expressed in poems! I don’t consult experts on that, as each human being is an individual! I want to ‘see’ that person from what he is attempting to BE, in this world. Not what I want or wish him to be! I may be coming from an entirely different place than you...I hope you can find that acceptable! If not, remember I am not ‘here’ to please you or anyone really!

@Freedompath "but the second one sounds like you expect all people to ‘operate’ as you do...well, good luck with that!" I really don't care how you choose to see it. That is your choice and I welcome you to it. I don't share it. I made base statements about how I saw it. Simple. I don't expect you to share those. I didn't bargain with you I simply stated an opinion that you didn't share . This has gone on long enough. have a good day

@Lincoln55 the point that I believe you are missing is...I don’t assimilate information the same way you do, obviously! This is how I operate in the world...I want to be taken seriously for who I am, not how much I perceive/write/speak just like you do...that is all I am saying! Do you not want the same?


I have been in a few critique groups. Some can be quite brutal but the end result is a well honed product. You should give it a try. Thats not flack, its a suggestion that makes a ton of sense. I couldn't get past your first line. I am very curious. Who or what is your target audience?

Lincoln55 Level 8 July 8, 2018

I'm starting to get the impression that you like the flack. You could have called it 'Word Salad"

Lincoln55 Level 8 July 8, 2018
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