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Some people are afraid of the dark

Some are more afraid of the light

They think if only they could hit that mark

They'd make all their evil right

This wants to be a baby, that wants to be dead

But none of that matters anyway, they still cut off your head

Pray you don't die for others' mistakes

But only for your own

They say you've already lived your life

Before you're even grown

Man asked me the other day what it is I do

I said it aint your business anyway, I'm only passin' thru

There's a Hoosier moon rising, the mosquito bites and I wonder what to do

But I guess that don't matter anyway

'Cause we're all just passin' thru

RaaChenn 7 July 8
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Got it...good story!


The Earth of blue. The concept is so true forced to mature when we are so young. Good rhyming

azzow2 Level 9 July 8, 2018