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Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep

You can just start wherever you like in the 57 minutes. It doesn't make much difference. Sorry M, I do not expect you to like this. I am happy listening to hours and hours of it. I've often wonder ed what it would be like to put Palestrina's music into this form. Similarly I'd love the complete Ring Cycle played just by an orchestra with no voices at all.
It is vital to have an ad blocker.

rogerbenham 8 Mar 10
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I don’t dislike it Roger...but I can only listen to it in small doses.

What I like about it is that I can just let it wash around the place without really listening to it. I cannot imagine sitting seriously in a concert hall listening to it. But driving 370 km from my home town to the nearest 40,000 town along what to you would be a well nigh deserted highway, through country I know well but not as dramatic as where I live, I find I can listen without listening. I probably do that with most New Age music.

@rogerbenham It would send me to sleep...very dangerous on a long journey where it’s not soporific music but music that jars my consciousness and keeps me awake that I need.

@Marionville It is the only time that I ever drink coffee. One cup has me zinging for over 4 hours.

@rogerbenham I’ll stick to the rock music! 😅

@Marionville I do have a home made cassette of early 1960-ish rock and roll leading into R&B which I sometimes crank out. Plus a CD (depends which car!) of a local band.

@rogerbenham you’re not entirely a lost cause then!


Love this to unwind for bed.

How did you manage to keep the mask on the cat?

@rogerbenham Not my cat, I just looked for pics online.


Muzak? 😲

FrayedBear Level 9 Mar 10, 2021

Not to me!

@rogerbenham obviously.

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