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When The Boat Comes In......
One of my grandfathers was from Gateshead in the northeast of England, which is on the southern side of the river Tyne opposite Newcastle on the northern bank, and connected by the Tyne Bridge. He had a very strong “Geordie” accent and I always think of him when I hear this old traditional folk-song which was used as the theme for a long running BBC drama show of the-same name in the 70s & 80s ”. The tune is an old regional one and the lyrics were put to it by William Watson in around 1826, here it’s sung by Bob Fox.

Marionville 10 May 8
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Sarah Millican is a very popular comedienne....but not a favourite of mine.


So I did my 3 years in Durham and grew to love the accents. Durham city was different from the county because sometime in the late 19th century a coal miners strike was met by the owners shipping in 12,000 Irish men to work the pits.
Durham has an Irish lilt to it's accent.
I love mackerel but other than Cod and haddock, around where I live of course are Sockeye, Pink and Steelhead. We don't eat steelhead. Catch and release. Probably another 4 or 5 salmon species. Mostly I eat sockeye. The natives give it to me. 6 fish a year.
But I used to love mackerel. The lake trout are lovely. The salmon are one of the best reasons to live here.


I love fish/seafood.....much more than red meats.

I like fish too, I eat a lot less red meat than I used to.

@Marionville I never was a red meat fan, & only eat small portions when we do have it.


Bob Fox - A name well respected in the folk world. I don't think I saw him live whilst in the UK.

I knew the song more from the TV series of the same name starring James Bolam.


Yes...I remember it well.

@Marionville I still consider it very favourably in knowledge dissemination & entertainment stakes. I must put on my bucket list.


Very catchy tune👍 ...and I love to eat fish, especially salmon.

Ray13 Level 8 May 8, 2021

I’m having salmon for dinner tonight.

@Marionville : Sounds delicious...I be there ( in thought, at least 😉 )

@Marionville I don't think that the boats in the song wouldn't have been bringing salmon in - more likely mackerel, cod or herring.

@Marionville And the salmon that you now eat is more likely to be eco polluting cage farmed fish.

  • just for starters

@FrayedBear I’m aware it would not have been salmon which was fished in the North Sea....I was actually responding to Ray’s post. I’m also aware of the way salmon is sourced in and around the British Isles.

@FrayedBear : Even if the package says 'wild' caught?' I don't don't eat it a lot anyway, too expensive in my area.

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