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Magne Furuholmen is one extraordinarily talented man, one third of Norway’s most successful pop/rock bands, he is an internationally acclaimed ceramic and visual artist, as well as being a talented musician/songwriter in his own right. Here he performs Past Perfect Future Tense, live on Norwegian TV.

Oh...and I should’ve mentioned....he also has drop-dead gorgeous Viking looks!
Marionville 10 June 11
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If he were blonder, he'd look like my youngest brother-in-law.

Handsome guy he must be!

@Marionville He is, & he plays bass guitar.


One of his ancestors raped one of mine. I have proof.

Ah well...he can’t be held responsible for the sins of his forefathers.!

@Marionville Leviticus Chapter 22 I think starts with two verses of 7 generations. In one at least we are all cursed to not walk in the company of the Lord!

@rogerbenham Biblical quotes to a nonbeliever?

@Marionville The great thing I find about being agnostic is that I can play with all religions. I do not believe in any of the gods described except possibly in the incredibly brief vision Krsna gives Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita. God is the entire universe. I like that Jeannie and I incorporated it into our secular marriage where you are not permitted to mention God! If there are multiple universes then I assume god to be all of them Really just a concept of oneness. I think individually we are all part of that oneness. The problem with being atheist is that one is being as dogmatic as those with religious faith As a scientist and a philosopher I cannot believe in what I do not know and the only thing that I know is that Love is the only value there is in our beings.

@rogerbenham I think a pick and mix philosophy on religious belief is just cuts no ice with me. I believe in something though, and not nothing...I believe we should try to do no harm to any other person or living thing, and to reach out in fellowship to all fellow humans regardless of their creed or belief in an unprovable higher power. I am never dogmatic btw., what others believe is their business not mine. I do however reserve the right personally to be skeptical about a belief in any entity without a single credible shred of evidence to their/it’s existence.

@Marionville Were you not brought up with a church? I'd assume presbiterian. I was CofE. But I never believed it. I mention Leviticus because a fundamentalist local preacher told us that verse to hit out at gays. One of my best friends is gay. So I read Deuteronomy and Leviticus and took notes. I then wrote a letter to the local paper asking which of the various laws I should obey! Including finding my wife was not a virgin, should I go to a priest and report this and get her stoned to death. But the verse about bastards requires one to know that one's ancestors for seven generations do not have a single bastard amongst them. I think that condemns every one of us. I got loads of praise for that letter. It was all so ludicrous!

@rogerbenham you have obviously never read my bio page. I have read the bible, and most other holy books, but no…I’ve never had a church.

@Marionville Sorry.

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