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Today another post of Finnish band Poets Of The Fall…this one from a live gig in Moscow in 2017, something the Russian audiences will not be able to enjoy again for the foreseeable future I expect….Late Goodbye.

Marionville 10 Mar 29
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Great group!



Not bad. Nice to see some finger picking by the guy sitting down. Not all simply guitar cording.


I’ve heard some of their music and really like them. This was an awesome song. Too bad Russia won’t be seeing good music like this anymore. The people really need to step up and force Putin out!!

Sadly the Russian people are not getting the truth from Putin.

@Marionville Too much propaganda all their lives. Their Country has nothing but liars and thieves running it.

@Redheadedgammy And yours and mine?

@rogerbenham oh I do know we in the USA have our share of liars and thieves. At least we have the ability to get news from more than one source than state propaganda.

@Redheadedgammy True but so much is being censored here nowadays, such as vaccine deaths, anything positive about the truckers convoy. Trudeau is turning into a dictator. A large chunk of the ruling Liberals are connected to Klaus Schwarb.

@rogerbenham There is nothing positive about those stupid truckers and their stunts. As for the vaccine deaths, there are always people that will react negatively to vaccines. Nothing new. As far as I can tell, Trudeau is trying to keep people alive, but many see that as he’s acting like a dictator. I don’t agree. I do not know Klaus Schwarb, but if he’s a Liberal, I would probably like him.

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