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I clicked on a video by Sona Jobarteh by accident, and that one led to this one which I think is beautiful, though I don't understand the language.

RhondaShotwell 7 May 25
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Glad you found this. Great singer.

Ray13 Level 8 May 26, 2022

Sometimes these accidental finds are a delight. I listen to music in languages I don’t understand all the time, if the melody speaks to us understanding the words is unnecessary.

So true!


Really nice. 😍


Music hits the emotions, language doesn't matter.


Loved from the first playing. I adored this track. Yes, there are times that I like drumming and here it was so suitable. Talented woman. Super track. Thanks!!!!!!

You have drumming on the brain.

@Marionville Drummed into me

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I take it you are not much attracted to drums. Certain kinds, or as a whole?

@RhondaShotwell Drum kits. I was brought up on orchestral music. i.e. Timpani. 640 bars rest. Drum kits bash out the beat because that's what primitive music wants. I have sung traditional folk music and a capella church music. Pop groups love noise and drums. I prefer quieter music like the way she started.

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