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As I’ve highlighted many times…there is a wealth of wonderful talent in Norway and this guy is up at the top of the list….Kurt Nilsen - Never performance at recent Summer Festival on a hillside fortress overlooking Oslo (Allsang pa Grensen 2022)

Marionville 10 July 15
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So good.

Yes…,he’s got a great voice.


Clearly very popular. Spectacular location. Huge crowd.

Yes…the weather wasn’t looking great unfortunately.


Wonderful voice! He had the audience singing along!!

Summer must still be cold there in Norway, as I see everyone is in coats. 😉

Yes…it doesn’t look too warm that day anyway, but it’s rainy looking too. It was quite warm when I was there at the end of May, about the same temperature as it was here at home.

With our night time lows around +10 and highs between 17 and 28, a lot of the time it's not exactly raving hot where I live (thank goodness) and Oslo being coastal would be more like Prince Rupert to the west of here, where the daily range for this week is +11 to +17.
Famously a South African family illegally moved to PR as being one of the cloudiest places in the world. They had Porphyria.

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