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I really love the Alexander McCall Smith books as there is so much African and Scottish information. Just read about this and had to look into an old Scottish song ‘The Parting Glass.’

JackPedigo 9 Jan 3
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A far better version than one I posted months ago. Thank you! I love this version.

I probably listened to it but forgot. Guess I just got lucky.

@JackPedigo Whatever, I just posted it along with M's info, to Facebook.


I’ve sung it often…here’s a wee bit background info….

Thank you for the added information. I made a document for favorite music and added this piece. His books may be fiction but there is a ton of real information in them. He is a professor of medical law and there are some interesting points he brings up. We visited Edinburgh for several days in 1989. I wish I had known then what I know now about that city. It would be fun to go back and do a little exploring.

@JackPedigo I haven’t been back home to Edinburgh for some years now, maybe I’ll try to visit in 2023!

I just watched it again and picked up a funny bit I had missed. When they said 'A man may drink' one of the characters shoved a whisky bottle out of sight. @ 2.08

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Posted by ReignmondIt is tough to find sharable music from The Oppossums Of Truth. There are 3 full albums of Scientific Gospel music here. []

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