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Yesterday we were in Brazil paying homage to probably the best footballer who ever lived and today I’m bringing you back home to the part of the U.K. I’ve lived in for almost 50 years, Northern Ireland and the funeral of another footballing great - George Best. He was very talented too, and in fact Pele honoured him by reportedly saying George was the best player he’d ever seen play the game.


George was a flawed hero and he sadly became an alcoholic, dying prematurely aged 59 of liver failure in 2002. He was given a hero’s funeral in his home city of Belfast where he lay first at Stormont, seat of the Northern Ireland Assembly where there was a televised funeral service attended by politicians, dignitaries and notable sporting personalities from around the world followed by the funeral cortège driving through the streets of the city which was lined with people, to his final resting place and a private family burial service at the city’s Roselawn Cemetery. West End star and Belfast singer Peter Corry sang this at the televised funeral service - Bring Him Home.

Marionville 10 Jan 4
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Beautiful voice.

Yes…I think I’ve posted him a few times before…

@Marionville Yup, I remember his name.


I remember George Best from before I left England in '74. Right wing as I recall. Very fast. ?Manchester United?



Thank you for sharing info on George Best. Wonderful song by Corry also 👍👍👍

Ray13 Level 8 Jan 4, 2023

Peter Corry is a top class singer.

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