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I really love the Alexander McCall Smith books as there is so much African and Scottish information. Just read about this and had to look into it. An old Scottish song ‘The Parting Glass.’

IO sent this before but lost connection with the site. Now having to start over again Jack

jackjr 7 Jan 24
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Is that you Jack…the former @JackPedigo? What happened, how did you get locked out?

I see your old page is still linked in when I clicked on it!

The Parting Glass is often mistaken for being an Irish song, but I know it’s really an old Scottish one which I have been singing and heard sung for a very long time.

It is me and LucyLooHoo also got locked out. I contacted HippyChick and SilverOtter but they suggested I start all over. I did but made some noise about this issue. Now, it seems I'm back on I think. Imagine how those at level 10 would feel if this were to happen to them. Thank you for asking.

@Marionville I posted this very recently.

@rogerbenham I knew somebody did!

@rogerbenham But I posted it just after New Years day. It was under my ghost jackpedigo

@jackjr I never actually ever log out of the site so I never have to log back in. I just click on the app which I have on my iPad to access the site …never ever needing to use a password .

Don't know. One day it was there and the next I had to log in and site site wouldn't let me in. Now there's two of me - the new and younger me lol and the ghost of me. Admin doesn't respond to my requests for help. I can also see my old page. Funny, it's a new experience someone alive but can see their own ghost.
I can also see my

@jackjr The more of you the better.Ghost writers are fun. They must be because I've never met one. Mind you, jackjr sounds like Jack Junior and is Pedigo Jack senior? Or are they all nom de plumes? Your real name is "for your friends" (T.E. Lawrence).

@rogerbenham I was an early joiner and didn't understand the idea of avatars. They are my real names and, yes my dad was senior and I was jr. What's really odd/funny is I tried to sign on as Lopezjack. That name was already taken.

@jackjr They told me when I joined my own name was already taken…that’s why I chose Marionville which was the name of the road I grew up on in childhood. I’ve never met anyone here using my name though!

@Marionville So what is your real name, or are we never meant to ask that? Are you Marjory? Not Marion.
I happily use my own name everywhere as I could not care less if people dislike what I write. Yes, one here hated what I wrote about Covid, but I do not follow crowds and reserve my right to think differently.

@rogerbenham Well I’m really Margaret, but I’ve always been known by the Scottish version which is Marjorie. I have decided to use the shortened version Marje as it’s less of a mouthful. I think I tried to log in originally using MarjeMcB….which is shorthand for Marje McBride.

@Marionville Any relation to Willie McBride (Do you mind if I sit down by your graveside?) For 10 years I lived 30 miles from McBride, BC.
Was Marje the name of one of those Fairy Liquid adverts mums.?

@rogerbenham I have no idea about a Marje on any advert…but I think Marge Simpson was the mother’s name in The Simpsons..although I never actually watched the show. I’ve visited McBride in BC…when my husband and I were driving from Calgary to Vancouver we saw it on the map and as it was only a slight detour off our intended route we went in to see the town. A bit of an anticlimax is how I’d describe it, although I remember seeing a few Amish or Mennonites around the town…so we presumed it was an area where many of them had settled.

@Marionville En route you passed a turning to Dunster. I lived beyond Dunster through the 80s. Lots of Mennonites. I minimised my time in McBride. Essentially a CNR railway station on the same line as Smithers.
60s ad: Marge advising about softening hands and "Hands that do dishes can feel soft as your face with Mild Green Fairy Liquid.
Dunster also in Somerset.

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