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Something much closer to home for me today...the beautiful sound of Irish music with Clannad.- A Mhuirnin O (My Darling Love)

Marionville 9 June 26
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I like it, sweet Clannad voice!

Merseyman1 Level 8 June 26, 2019

Here's the lyrics with a translation.

I was surprised to see mention of the Lotto in a trad song:

Chorus (after each verse):
A mhuirnin o an dtiocfaidh tu na bhaile
A mhuirnin o an dtiocfaidh tu liom
A mhuirnin o an dtiocfaidh tu na bhaile
A mhuirnin o


Bhi se thios i lar a' mhargaidh
Dol se 's cheol se ar rith an lae
Nuair a thainig an oiche gan pingin ina bhriste
Is mairg nar ghlac me comhairle na mna

Casadh orm e le heiri na greine
An oganach gleoite go follain 's go beo
Nuair a thog se a hata agus labhair se le gaire
Thit me i ngra leis, chreid me go deo

Bhi cnaipi airgid ar mo chota
Is ribni sioda a bhfearr sa tir
Slabhrai oir is clocha luachmhar
Mheall me le saibhreas e go fior

Ni rabhas ag a nduine ce'n phairt den tir e
Labhair se go uasal soinneanta so
Bhi 'n tiomba thart go raibh tiarna ina theaghlach
Ni raibh se i bhfad bhi me geallta do

Ta'n ceangal fada 's deacar a scaoileadh
Bhfearr i bhfad a bheith cinnte do
Nior ghlac se i bhfad gur bhris se mo chroi sa
A leoga ni seo mo sceilin o

A 'gur shiul se sios i lar a mhargaidh
'S cheannaigh se carda ar phunt no dho
Bhi an tadh ina rith leis, bhain se an "lotto"
Anois bheidh an chuideachta againn go deo
My darling love, will you come back home?
My darling love, will you come with me?
My darling love, will you come back home?
My darling love

He was down at the market
He drank and sang all day long
When night came and he hadn't a penny in his pocket
Oh what a shame I didn't take the missus' advice

I met him at sunrise
A charming, healthy and lively young lad
When he lifted his hat and spoke with a smile
I fell in love with him, thought it would never end

My coat had buttons of silver
And the best silk ribbons in the country
Golden chains and precious stones
I truly enticed him with my glitter and gold

No one knew from which part of the land he came
He spoke nobly and with pleasant ease
Rumor had it that there was a lord in his family
It wasn't long 'til I was engaged to him

The bond is long and difficult to untie
It's much better to be sure of it*
It didn't take long 'til he broke my heart
Indeed this is not the story I'd prefer to be telling**

But then he went back down to the market
And bought a ticket for a pound or two
Luck was on his side, he won the lottery
Now we'll forever be living the good life

*This might mean that the link to this nobleman was a very distant one, and that 'he' therefore was not rich - in fact quite poor; so she instantly regrets her engagement to him.

**"A leoga" means "alas". "Ni seo mo sceilin" means "this is not my story" (or anecdote), and "o", when placed after the sentence like this, can just mean "oh", but it can also be a term of endearment, then pertaining to "sceilin". So the way I think it makes the most sense is if we take "mo sceilin o" to mean something like "my sweet story", ie., the story that she wished she were telling now.

brentan Level 8 June 26, 2019

Thank you for the words...both the Irish and the translation. Always nice to have comment from someone with real knowledge.

Very interesting, thank you for the translation!


Very sweet.

FrayedBear Level 9 June 26, 2019

Love the sound of Clannad.