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Fora da Ordem (Out Of Order) by Caetano Veloso, who is widely considered to be one of Brazil's greatest songwriters. This is from his 1991 album, Circulado.

Cheap steam
A mere servant
Of narco trafficking
Was found among the ruins
Of a school under construction

Here everything looks like
It was still in construction
And is already in ruins
All is boys, girls
Living in the streets
The asphalt, the bridge, the viaduct
Whining to the moon
Nothing continues...

And the barrel of the gun
That the children bite
Reflects all the colors
Of the landscape of the city
That is much more beautiful
And much more intense
Than in the postal card

Is out of order
Out of the new order
of the world...(4x)

Dark hard thighs
Yours two of black acrobat
Your modern calf
The intrepid troop in which you flow...

I see you in Sampa1
Where you can barely see who goes up or down the ramp
Something about our way
Is almost too strong of a light
Seems to put it all to test
Seems like fire, like
Seems like peace, it seems like peace...

Plethora of joys
A Jorge Benjor concert
Inside us
Is too much, is great
Is total...

Is out of order
Out of the new order
of the world...(4x)

My singing hides
Like a group of Yanomamis
In the forest
On my forehead fall
And stick feathers
Of an old headdress...

I am standing on top
Of a pile of filthy
garbage from Bahia
I spit chewing gums of hate
In the exposed sewers of Leblon2
But I return the little wink
Of the delivery boy
Of Trianon
I know what's good...

I'm not waiting for the day
That all
Men will agree
I just know of many
Pretty harmonies
Possible without the final judgment...

Is out of order
Out of the new order
of the world...(Many times)

Rossy92 8 Mar 2
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As a social commentary it’s probably correct...and very much designed for a make people think. Is it an enjoyable piece of music to listen to, especially to those of us who are removed from the politics of the issues? Not really... at least not in my case.

I haven't quite deciphered the lyrics which I only looked up just prior to this post. Just felt I'd depart from the sameness of my usual slower tempo posts. This is one which I didn't take to immediately. I particularly enjoy the vocals.

@Rossy92 I will come back and listen to it again may grow on me too!