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Today I’m going to my own country of birth Scotland, but not to the lowland belt where I was born in Edinburgh, but to the wild beauty of Harris, Lewis and the Western Isles. The music is a traditional pibroch air...The Hills of Harris (Beanntan na Hearadh)

Marionville 9 Apr 3
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So sad sounding to me. Thoughtful but sad. Lonely scenery though lovely in its own way. Marginal farmland.

That’s why most of the population emigrated!


Lucky you! ...I am here in total lock-down...😑

So am I ...I’m only going there in my post...and taking you all with me!

@Marionville , oh! I misunderstood, but thank you for taking us all to those beautiful scenery!

@Merseyman1 No problem...I’m following all the instructions to stay at home!