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Typical asshole. Don't care if he is gay but being a hypocrite is unforgivable! []

Mofo1953 8 July 22
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Biden's a dumbass for staying in that church, IMHO. Then again, indoctrination is a hard thing to shake.

altschmerz Level 9 July 22, 2021

Billion Catholics also stay, brainwashing is so easy.

It's a very hard thing to shake. I think atheists and agnostics who have been liberated for a long time tend to forget this.


I agree.


And the lord did declare:


Every-fucking-one of them are hypocrits..from Popie on down, they're nothing but pedos or pedo enabler..

Charlene Level 9 July 22, 2021

It cracks me up that you think hypocrisy is something leaders in the religious community would consider a problem or unforgivable. The whole system is basically a scam and these con artists promoting the scam have learned to thrive in that environment so have no issue with the double standards you see here.

I do.


Everyone is a hypocrite to some degree. What I took away from the story was not that he was gay but that there was entrapment by a homophobic group. They must have had some motivation for taking this particular bureaucrat out.

Theresa_N Level 8 July 22, 2021

Speak for yourself.

@Mofo1953 I've been a hypocrite before and probably will be in the future, depending on how much longer I live. I've seen you be a hypocrite on here in defending conservative Democrat behaviors. I am not defending this man for working for the Conference of Bishops, he's complicit in all the bad policies of the US Catholic church. It seems nearly all extreme homophobes are closeted something.

@Theresa_N my experience has been that extreme homophobes are people with limited critical thinking skills, and almost always their hang-ups have to do with religion.

@Theresa_N Again, speak for yourself.

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