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Jesus said that he would return in his disciples lifetime. 2000 years on and...........

rovingamber 5 Aug 25
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I beleive that the bible new testement has been rewritten so many times (for clearification) that if there is any of the origigial in tact that it will be corrected as soon as it is found. Even today I understand they are rewriting the new testement. I think that is the reason the christians hate the jews because they carry the old testement and won't change it to sute the modern religous modle.


It seems pretty clear to me that Jesus spoke about the end coming in the lietime of the people then living. Many people don't believe that and cite the Book of Daniel to place the end time far in the future. But the great thing about a lot of what Jesus is quoted as saying is it's simplicity. If he is simply stating that the end will come within one generation, then surely the Book of Daniel needs to be reinterpreted?

brentan Level 8 Aug 25, 2018

or maybe the contradiction occured because it is all made up.

Yes but not in the eyes of believers, to whom I was referring.

@brentan of course. Wheter you believe or not the premise doesnt have to be backed up with evidence. It just has to make sense. In other words they both have to say the same thing. The premise being if they contradict one must be wrong. As Jesus spoke in simple terms then the error is more likely to be with Daniel being musinterrupretated.

As an ex JW I'd like to ask you a question about scripture. I read a book about misunderstood science. Now this author stated a fact which I am not disputing. When a person dies the blood retreats into the vains. There is no blood in the arteties as there is no pressure from the heart. Jesus died on the cross. The soldier then stabbed him with a spear and blood gushed forth. Now with this fact he wouldnt be dead on the cross. He was alive when stabbed. The bible writers obviously did not know this. But that is not my point. The writer then made the argument that as Jesus did not die he could not have been resurrected. Fair point but even if he survived the cross it is perfectly plausible being stabbed with a spear would kill him anyway- heavy blood loss or not.

I don't believe in the resurrection but I do not agree with the scientists argument that this fact about blood loss disproves the resurrection. Or does it?

I went and did some research and it seems that Jesus predicted his death but did not specifcally state how. I found this in Johns. Also looked in Isiah which has many prophecies including Jesus' death but no help there. Could you shed some light on this? Does it matter how Jesus died in relation to this fact? Have I missed something?

Would really appreciate an answer. I did ask earlier but people didnt seem to know or get the point.


@rovingamber I'm an ex-JW too. I think the build up of water and blood is an indication that breathing is disrupted and water is forming around the heart while blood builds up in the lungs due to inhibited circulation. I'm no doctor but I think you can't determine life or death from the blood and water. My guess is the soldiers knew he was dead or almost dead so the spear was used to finish him off if he wasn't completely dead.

While the description of Jesus' death is probably correct, I suspect the writer was just as interested in making the point that scripture was fulfilled by the use of the spear to end his life rather than the breaking of his legs as they did to the other poor guys. 'Not a bone of his body was pierced' and 'they shall look to him they have pierced'.


Areatha Franklins dad was a preacher. Didnt stop her getting pregnant at 12.

Situational ethics. Plus, part of God's "unknowable plan". Question: If it is unknowable, how do we know about it at all? God's plan = apologetics because of necessity.


When I was a Jehovah's Witness, the most common word used about the return of Jesus was 'soon'. Giving dates for his return had turned out bad for them so 'soon' was a much safer word.

brentan Level 8 Aug 25, 2018

Well recently this pastor said that on the day of the blood moon the rapture would come.
Another guy spent 50 years predicting the exact date of the end of the world. That was at least 5 years ago.

I read some JW literature and at least they don't portray God as a complete cunt. They see hell as a God dishonouring doctrine.


Evolution is not the only enemy of religion. The book incognito is written by a neoroscientist usuing the latest scientific evidence to so that free will does not exist.

He also proposes an alternative explanation for prophet communications with God. Temporal lope epilepsy- the hearing of voices. The symptons are similiar to psychosis in that sense but the causes are different.


Can someone please tell me where in the Bible you would find the word "microchip."

You won't find the term 'Personal Savior', either.


Apperenly Martin Luther came up with the idea of protestestantism whilst on the toilet..........

We all know what a big movement that became.


I need to ask a question. I read in this science book that when a person dies the blood retreats to the vains as there us no pressure to keep it moving in the arteties. Now the Bible says that when Jesus was stabbed with a spear blood gushed forth or words to that effect. So he wasnt dead. He did not die on the cross.

So what are the implications. I tried to do research into this and could only find his prediction that he would die and be resurected on the third day. Does it matter exactly how he died? Thats what I would like to know.

He did not die on the cross because he has a prearranged signal for one of his followers was instructed to poison him with a catalytic drug.
Jesus yells out the first line of the 22nd psalm and someone gives him soured wine in a sponge on a stick (People don't often realize he was allowed to do that because to Romans it was a joke, a sponge on a stick, whetted with wine vinegar was the Roman equivalent of toilet paper .)
Jesus then "dies" and is punctured with a spear (rather than have his legs broken which was the normal way of hastening death) taken down and rapidly buried.
It was a plot, he never died, was simply saved and then hidden away or as some think sent to India.


Yeah, and the end times are every other day.

Martin Luther said the world would not last another 150 years. Almost 500years ago.


Yes but he found a loop hole by making one of them immortal

Sneaky bastard

@LenHazell53 sorry i don't know who you are referring to.

@rovingamber Jesus made the Disciple John immortal, telling him he would never taste Death until he, Jesus, returned to the earth in spite of the objections of the other apostles, John 21:22 Jesus answered, "What is it to you, if I want him to live until I return? You must follow me."
In Mormon Scriptures, three others in the Americas (known as the three Nephites) were also granted the gift of life until such time as the second coming happens.

It is all bollocks but is used by the major religions as the excuse as to why Parousia has not happened yet, John is still alive so the prophesy is yet to be fulfilled.

@LenHazell53 well where the fuck is he supposed to be now.

@rovingamber who can say, it's like asking where is Connor McLeod?

@rovingamber , He's hanging over every ones head. Watching, hearing, seeing, everything we think and do. LMAO. Full time job it is.

@LenHazell53 i know where Connor McCloud is. dead. highlander end game he loses his head in a duel and his spirit is sucked into the victor.

@rovingamber Endgame is not canon in the highlander Movie continuity, only in the TV show continuity 😉

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