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"This year, Bible literacy bills have been introduced in Florida, Indiana, Missouri, North Dakota, Virginia and West Virginia, according to the American Civil Liberties Union."


SaucyCheryl 8 Jan 26
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Amazing how many politicians don't believe in the separation of church and state.

Heraclitus Level 8 Jan 27, 2019


WTF??? What do Bible Literacy Bills say?

How do they get around the constitutionality of the Separation of Church and state?

Please reply!

Big Al

Alw314 Level 5 Jan 27, 2019


SKH78 Level 8 Jan 26, 2019

Waaahhh, if the bill fails it's persecution against Christians!

altschmerz Level 9 Jan 26, 2019

I became an atheist after reading the bible, so this might bite them in the ass, the bible is chock full of ridiculous and illogical bullshit that anyone with half a brain will have to question the crap that starts early on in Genesis or the first book of tbe old testament for those who haven't read it.

Mofo1953 Level 8 Jan 26, 2019

Unfortunately, the goal is to get'em while they're young!

@MrTallman that's my point, kids are not stupid, the moment they read about Cain's wife, they will most likely say, wait a minute, where did this wife come from?


"Bible literacy" is a bit of an oxymoron when you consider the bible belt has some of the highest illiteracy rates in the country.

dkp93 Level 8 Jan 26, 2019

Seems like every other religion should claim religious discrimination. Adding the Koran to the required textbooks would stop these stupid hard-right Christians in their tracks! Bwahahahahah!

MojoDave Level 9 Jan 26, 2019

Another bit of idiotic virtue signaling from and for the uneducated hoards who have never read a page of the slavery promoting, incestuous, polygamous, genocidal, rape victim blaming bible in their lives

Thank you!!

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