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GOP Senator Joni Ernst Blocks Violence Against Women Act

MojoDave 9 Nov 25
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Some people are simply self destructive, self loathing or are of the mentality that "If I had to suffer this why should others be spared it."
If this seems improbable bare in mind that
One of the most horrific things in the study of modern history was that there was a regiment of the German SS during World War 2 made up Jewish descended people who had one or more Hebrew grandparents and who would therefore of gone to the camps by law, yet who as card carrying Nazis were spared this in order to persecute and execute their own families and those like them.


Guns are more important than women?? That freak!!


To see how destructive xians can be, see Catherine Nixey’s The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World. She says little of the story is known outside academic circles because in “a spasm of destruction never seen before” the Church destroyed what was not Christian.

yvilletom Level 8 Nov 25, 2019

Indeed, Ernst is a dangerous religious extremist who believes citizens should depend on churches, not government, for assistance.

That’s a bit OT but I have a conservative friend (also a Trump supporter) who isn’t a religious extremist at all, and believes this. I wonder where that mindset comes from.

altschmerz Level 9 Nov 25, 2019



So he wants to sure that violent, abusive ex-husbands/boyfriends won't be blocked from getting a gun?! I guess the "right to bear arms" is more important than doing all we can to protect battered/abused women.

If gun nuts weren’t moved by the Sandy Hook shooting, then nothing will move them.

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