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I, personally, do not give a damn what anyone else thinks, BUT I agree 100% with the QLD Premier on her strictness re- the N.S.W. - QLD Border closures status.
After all, imo, it IS the Duty and within the remit of EVERY State Premier to ensure, at ALL times, both the Health and Safety of both ALL the residents, etc, living within those borders and those visiting from elsewhere as well.
even though there are those who will scream out that "viruses/diseases know of and respect NO Borders, etc, etc," then if that be the case then WHY the hell is everyone ONLY concerned, so it seems, with their OWN personal liberties and Freedoms and NOT those of everyone else?
In case it has slipped anyone's mind, WE are ALL in exactly the same boat, like it or not we ALL have to paddle together or we merely sink to the bottom.
So, please, wake up to yourselves, think NOT of just yourself but think of the WHOLE of the Human Population instead.

Triphid 8 Oct 8
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We have to be pragmatic ie go with the flow to a certain extent as new information becomes available, rather than "stay the course" adopted in March.
Recent research suggests children are the super spreaders so what's the option here? Isolate all children as they are spreaders? Or isolate/ protect the vulnerable ie individual responsibility?

powder Level 8 Oct 8, 2020

"After all, imo, it IS the Duty and within the remit of EVERY State Premier to ensure, at ALL times, both the Health and Safety of both ALL the residents, etc, living within those borders and those visiting from elsewhere as well."

Totally agree.
Health and safety.
Health and safety are not the sole confines of coronaviruses. Other health and safety areas must also be considered eg mental health"
Health and safety control measures put in place for a coronavirus, when weighed up against the risk to all members of society from this singular virus, are not defensible imo and on this we will disagree.
Are we about elimination or control? This is the question.
I am not alone as many medical experts are also calling for a cease to lockdowns.
Live with the risk, adapt our lifestyles if it is so serious (I think not so serious as claimed) but total "stop, no can do" does not suggest management, it suggests "don't know what the fuck we're doing but must be seen to be doing something" by certain political leadership..

powder Level 8 Oct 8, 2020

Well, given that we CANNOT truly eradicate viruses completely at present then, as I see it, our ONLY chance is for Science to 'unlock' the codes' of viruses and in doing so find a way to manipulate them in ways far more favourable and less harmful to ALL concerned.
Unfortunately, and imo, a lot of vaccines, but not all, are only a kind of short term solution to a long term problem just as we have found out to our despair that Antibiotics such Penicillin have become in relation to the bacteria, etc, like the Steph. and Staph. varieties who have 'developed' are strong resistance to Antibiotics thus negating the effectiveness of such treatments.
At present, all we have to battle Covid is such often drastic measures as Lockdowns and the like to TRY our best to contain and control the spread of it as we know happen with both the Spanish Flu and the Bubonic/ Pneumonic Plagues, Typhus, Cholera, Measles, etc, etc, of centuries past.
But even these measures are only a kind of stop-gap, short term ones since we now know that viruses are a thing that can adapt/mutate and change very swiftly.
Imo, WHAT we need the Scientific and Research Communities to do is Seek out the ways in which viruses adapt, etc, survive for ages in non-reactive host situations thus being able to battle the viruses on their own terms and on the 'home-grounds' BEFORE they adapt/mutate.
But sadly, the Vaccine Producers are far more concerned, imo, with their Financial Bottom Lines and Profit Margins than they are with actually saving lives and defeating these diseases outright.
To my mind, the ONLY way around these 'money-grubbing Pharmo Organisations is to create a Universal Research and Development Organisation, funded by ALL Nations as equally as possible, totally devoid of the influences of Pharmo Organisations with the sole aim and directive to eradicate these viruses once and for all.