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Which is more useful?

It has been posted before but worth reposting-

One is a toxic feral & the other a feral toxic?

FrayedBear 9 Dec 13
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Q. What do you get when you stand a dozen Pauline (Pants Down) Hansons in a row, shoulder to shoulder?
A. A Wind Tunnel....LOL.

Triphid Level 8 Dec 17, 2020

Well she’s great for getting people to talk. Someone I knew voted for her once and it was very interesting finding out why, (it was about gun laws).

Tell more?

@FrayedBear well they were against increasing the tightening of gun laws, this article gives you an idea:


If you look into it Pauline and her party apparently have links to the American gun society, links to the arms business and there is some lucrative potential of adding an American style system to Australia. Luckily I don’t think most people would go for it, but then if Pauline got in most people will have chosen.

At the moment you have a bar connected to your gun in the shooting range, but private land is somewhat sacrosanct in Australia, which has worked well for properties so far I think.

@girlwithsmiles didn't she get money from the "pry it from my dead fingers" lot?

@FrayedBear the NRA were linked to them.

@girlwithsmiles lol, couldn't in the heat of the moment recall the initials.

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