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As Covid19 continues on its merry way, Mr. Happy Clappy, Jesus Chappy ScumMO dithers, umms and ahhs, attends a Rugby match, tells everyone that Dutton need not SELF-ISOLATE, etc, etc, himself, offers Pensioners, Welfare recipients, etc, a miserable, one off payment of $750 and massive tax exemptions, etc, to the business community SUPPOSEDLY to hold off the Economic effects of the Pandemic.
Didn't it dawn on him that ONCE everyone has spent that measly $750 payment the tax exemptions will be as useless as pissing on a bushfire in the hope of extinguishing?
Hey ScumMo, once the money is gone, it IS gone, better to concentrate it on KEEPING the people spending it over the WHOLE Pandemic and distributing in smallish amounts over the entire time of the Pandemic,after all 1 blood transfusion will not stop a patient bleeding to death IF there's a severed artery, etc, IT takes a whole lot more than that.

Triphid 9 Mar 14
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Morrison is not a leader. He is incapable of taking sensible initiatives for the common good. He is adept only at obfuscating when held to account. He is fond of shady salesman-like one liners to try to make us all feel he's doing something useful when the fact is he's doing nothing. He deceives and dissembles.

Doubting Level 6 Mar 14, 2020

I sincerely doubt IF ScumMo & Co. could manage to lead a pack of starving mice to a Grain Silo.
He probably has printed instructions on the Toilet Door telling him exactly what to use and how to wipe his arse.

I think he missed his true calling: shonk Tele-evangelist shyster. You could imagine him, couldnt you?


I think Rudd's hand out during the GFC (Gross Fuckup in Capitalism) at least did help to ameliorate the effects, but Christo Scotty's puff up for business and morsels for the "lower orders" will, as you suggest, do not much. They love to give money to business, don't they? Right Wing DNA is the same everywhere. Also, while one should not rejoice in the misfortunes of others, of course, hearing of Dutton -- the most loathsome piece of human political excrement in Australia in living memory -- does rather suggest there may be something in this karma thing after all.

David1955 Level 8 Mar 14, 2020

Aye how terribly sad it would be if Dutton infected the entire Liberal-National Party ( tongue very much in cheek here btw).

And didn't the Libs poo poo Rudd's response to the GFC back then. I agree it is a very different game this time.
oh and @Triphid need to explain you were being ironic. We aren't american, we 'getcha'

@Triphid Anything to permanently remove their majority.

@FrayedBear yes, we Aussies understand irony. Just look who we elected PM last year.

@David1955 not in my name.

@FrayedBear nor mine, or anyone here, but elected he was. Funny, I saw that result coming, even predicted on this site that Shorten would fail, but even now I cannot forgive Australians for the result. I never will. I think it was the last straw for me.

@FrayedBear Nor in mine either.

@David1955 Shorton was not a popular man, especially among women. I suppose he can't help looking sleazy as all hell; and then there were the rumours. Still, as my mother always told vote for the party not the person (that adage appears somewhat dated now since the stage is full of megalomaniacs)
Anyway, preferential voting put my labor candidate ahead of Potato Head, to no avail.

I frequently remind myself that IQ tests indicate that half the population is dumber than average. Sad but true.

@MsDemeanour I agree. I voted for Labor at the last election. I hoped that despite, not because of, Shorten the ALP might do something good. Never voted Liberal in my life, so, no option there. I liked the Greens in the past, but they've turned into the 'People's Front of Judea' squabbling scene from Monty Python. I don't blame people for their lack of enthusiasm for Labor, but voting for St Scott the Morrison was just inexcusable.

@David1955 the Peoples Front of Judea!!! hahahahaha.

@MsDemeanour []

@FrayedBear How cool was this guy! I love it.

@MsDemeanour 😁

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